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Navigating the Flames of the September Full Moon in Aries

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

The September Full Moon, or Harvest Moon, usually occurs right after the Equinox every year. It’s called the Harvest Moon because it rises earlier than any other moon, and it is said that farmers can harvest their crops late into the night because of how bright it is!

This Full Moon occurs in the sign of Aries, represented by a ram. Aries tend to be leaders because of their fiery, go-getter passion. Instilled in them a sense of enthusiastic optimism; Aries are courageous, confident, stubborn, brash, and explosively emotional. As soon as an Aries feels, they act. Think later, if ever. Spells of outrage and distress pass as quickly as they come, however, and are soon replaced by cheery optimism. These mood swings will be apparent during this Full Moon, as even the smallest annoyances are likely to trigger us!

Feeling angry and upset is almost always a symptom of pain. Pay attention to any flashes of rage or sadness that you feel around this full moon! If you are just annoyed at day-to-day inconveniences, maybe take it as a lesson to learn how to breathe and accept the present moment. Why is this inconvenience making you reject the present moment? Everything happens for a reason. I was really annoyed this morning when I was late to work, because I had to run back inside to change my shirt after I spilled coffee on it. But maybe because I had to run back inside, I avoided a car crash or speeding ticket. Who knows! I couldn’t control the circumstances, but I could control my reaction. So I just breathed through the anxiety and rage, because in that moment my breath was all I could control.

Maybe someone says something to you, joking or not, that really hurts your feelings. Look at the dialogue that triggered these feelings, and examine WHY you feel hurt. Can you trace it back to an event that still hurts enough to make you upset? Or a belief that you have that is causing more harm than good? For example, if someone jokingly says something about your messy car, and you are already insecure about your messiness, you will feel like they are validating your insecurity and you will react in a defensive way. But your messiness does not define you, and that is a habit you can change! Once you identify the source of these triggers, you can make a game plan for how you intend to heal the wound and replace the belief with one of love and acceptance!

Because Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this full moon will be illuminating areas of your life that are ready for a new beginning! Themes from the Aries new moon back in April may be brought back up. Use this time to initiate new habits or beliefs that you want to incorporate into your life. If you’ve been trying to kick an old habit or struggling to change your beliefs on something, you may receive intuitive flashes on how to change once and for all. This energy will increase your drive and desire to transform your life for the better!

Overall, this full moon is going to offer us deep healing and guidance on things in our life that need transformed. Use this full moon to illuminate the causes of your emotions and initiate healing. Discern between things you can change, and things you must accept. Spend some time reflecting on your emotions from the last weekend, and make a plan for how you intend to transform your beliefs to be in line with your Highest Divine Self! Imagine the loving light of Her Majesty’s radiance shining into your wounds with her healing wisdom. Before you change anything, you must love and accept it. This healing energy will linger for 5-10 days after this full moon, so be watching for your emotional reactions and be ready to heal!

Happy Full Moon! Have a great week:)

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