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Choose Love, Be Light

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Choose Love, Be Light has been my mantra since the dawn of Metamorphic Forest. I use this phrase as a gentle reminder that I make the choice to remember my Divinity, prioritize compassion, and live a life of authentic being. I wrote this blog to dive deeper on a simple phrase that has allowed me to live in alignment with my best self, my Highest Divine Expression, and to inspire others to do so as well.

The phrase "Love & Light" has been under fire for quite some time now, under the false notion that when living a life of Love & Light, you disregard the darkness, and therefore overlook the magic of the shadows, as well as the subconscious toxic behaviors and hidden chances for growth. In my personal opinion, those who attack the phrase "Love & Light" are, ironically, refusing to see that light and dark are not mutually exclusive, but instead intrinsically intertwined, and that when we balance the two, we transcend dualistic living into a state of pure Being. This is why I cultivated this personal phrase to include intentionally selected words of action to remind us what to do with these cosmic blessings of Love & Light. I hope to explain this process of shadow work & transcendence here, and please feel free to post any questions in the comments. Thanks for Being, Here ♡


Choose Love, Be Light ~ This isn't about blocking negative feelings, heavy situations, or the darker, shadow aspects of reality with ignorance and avoidance. One of the most beautiful things about this existence is that it's colored with every degree of emotion, from the highest peaks of limitless freedom, Unconditional Love, and pure ecstasy... to gut-wrenching misery, white hot rage, and mind numbing nothingness. Every facet of this reality plays a vital role in the spectrum of the human experience. The “bad” not only allows us to appreciate the “good”--the shadow aspects we notice in our lives serve as an invaluable teacher in becoming our best selves.

The negative emotions and experiences in our lives can be our greatest weapon in overcoming self-imposed blocks and limiting beliefs. Negative emotions indicate imbalance, and can be traced to bottled up feelings, an unfulfilled need, or unresolved conflicts. Noticing repetitive patterns in situations and relationships can bring awareness to what’s not working in our lives, and highlights beliefs that are no longer serving us.

Every shadow and dark corner of our subconscious holds an opportunity for discovery, and is waiting to be explored in depth. Suppressed emotions serve as the roadmap to the roots of our Shadows, and Universal Truths are often buried deep under conflict & traumatic experiences. Our darkness holds the blueprint of our life lessons, our soul’s karma--therefore, darkness is our key tool in the quest for self-actualization, and ironically, the quest to progress humanity into a more conscious, compassionate, sustainable species.

Our shadows selves are important in this dualistic reality, but we know that light always prevails over darkness because shadows only exist with a Light source. What do you need to see in the dark? illumination, objectivity, awareness. Light. How do you then learn from this darkness? Compassion, acceptance, forgiveness. Love.

When we bring awareness & acceptance, Light & Love, into our shadows, the undesired, heavy gunk from the past is confronted, and then transmuted into the invaluable treasure of wisdom. We can make the choice to challenge false beliefs, learn from our mistakes, take our power back, and unconditionally love every bit of ourselves. When we integrate this newfound treasure from our darkness with our Light--by bringing what we learned from our shadows into our conscious reality--we begin to operate from a place of Unconditional Love, we act and live with intention and purpose, and we are able to truly transcend a world of duality to live a life of Oneness, knowing there is no true “good” or “bad”, there just is. This is alchemy, this is self-actualization. This is how we shift the paradigm.

To me, “choose love” means to choose compassion with myself & others. Choosing love means to own up to my mistakes, to hold space for others to be themselves and discover their process, and to make a devoted commitment in every moment to choose my best self. “Be light” is a reminder to, quite literally, remain light--don’t let emotions or situations stagnate and weigh you down. Being light means to hold the Light of Truth in every situation, because with awareness, we are given the choice to react externally with intention, instead of reacting from a place of habit, based on what we learned in the past. And what do ya know--by acting with intention, we are choosing love.

Choose Love, Be Light is an intimately interconnected mantra for remembering and connecting with the Divinity inside this human vessel, and shining it outward as a beacon of hope & inspiration to all who come in contact. We are all going through this ascension together, support & community are an essential part of our evolution & survival. Together we can shift the paradigm for the better, by choosing love and being light in our day to day lives, in pursuit of our Highest Divine Reality as the human race.

#loveandlight #chooselove #belight

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