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Astrology Forecast: Your Guide to the Mid-November Cosmic Madness

Hey y’all! So, I was going to just write you guys a blog post about the Scorpio New Moon coming up on November 7th…. But there is so much going on cosmically in the next week, and all of these events tie in together, so I thought I would give y’all a broader perspective, with advice and rituals on how to harness this energy!

On November 6th, Uranus Retrogrades back in to Aries where it will stay until March 2019. It will turn direct January 2019. Uranus is the planet of surprise and deals with how we handle change, and Aries is an explosive sign of passion and fiery energy. We may be feeling more inclined to tackle areas of our lives we want to change over these next four months. With all this transformative energy the last 13 months of Jupiter in Scorpio, you may have had trouble keeping up with all the change, and now there are areas of your life you feel like your actions don’t match your new ideals or vibration. This transit will feel like a fire has been lit under your ass in terms of changing your habits to match your Highest Divine Truth! We will feel refreshed and re-energized in our perspective, especially once Uranus goes direct in January 2019.

On November 7th, there is a New Moon in Scorpio at 11:02am EST. As I’ve said before, New Moons mark the beginning of a new 6 month cycle that will peak on the Full Moon of the same sign… this cycle happens to be in Scorpio, and it is one of COMPASSION, EMPATHY, AND FORGIVENESS! To forgive is to release attachment… by lovingly releasing our attachment to our grievances and grudges, we may transform and transcend our current state of being. Our ability to look at situations and people, including ourselves, with LOVE and COMPASSION and EMPATHY is heightened during this time. Around the 7th is a great time to do some soul searching and self-love exercises to bring things to the surface that need healing. Venus Retrograde has been bringing up matters of the heart that need reformed, so you may already have an idea of what needs healed. My favorite exercise that would be perfect for this transit is a mirror meditation—sit in front of the mirror and stare at all the details of your body and face with loving adoration. For any negative thought that comes up, address it, and gently change your words to something more positive (for example, change “I hate my fat thighs” to “I love my strong legs that carry me from place to place”)… do this for your whole body, until your eyes meet in the mirror. Now say aloud, while making eye contact with yourself: “I love you”. Feel any resistance to this. When I first did this exercise, I couldn’t say the words aloud. They got caught in my throat, my eyes welled up with tears, I opened my mouth and only a tiny, baby, squeak came out. I cried and cried and cried. But I also held myself, took deep breaths, and gently smiled at myself in the mirror, as if I was consoling a small child who had just faced a bully on the playground. With LOVE, ENDLESS LOVE. Looking into my eyes and attempting to tell myself “I love you” brought up past situations and memories of being treated poorly, situations that taught me I was unlovable and unworthy. Now that the roots of my beliefs had been brought to the surface, I was able to make a conscious effort on forgiving myself and the people who told me I wasn’t good enough. And now, I can look myself in the eyes and tell myself “I LOVE YOU.” You can also practice saying: I DESERVE TO BE LOVED. I AM WORTHY. I APPROVE OF YOU. I DESERVE TO SUCEED. Start by healing your relationship with yourself, before your relationships with others. There will also be an inclination to start creative passion projects around this New Moon, and any intentions you set are likely to manifest in 6 months or less, as long as they are set with genuine love, from the heart.

On November 8th, Jupiter shifts out of Scorpio, where it has resided since October 2017, and into Sagittarius, for the next 13 months. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance, and amplifies the qualities of whatever sign it is in. Scorpio is a sign of extremes, so while Jupiter was in Scorpio, we experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Your emotions may have been fully and entirely captivating, deep, dark, and oscillating violently. Situations arose all year to test your strength and will power, and to see if you learned your lessons in reoccurring situations due to your beliefs. Take time this week to reflect on who you were in October 2017, and how far you have come since then. If you keep a journal, maybe flip through the last year and see if you can spot any reoccurring situations, conflicts, et cetera, that may have been trying to catch your attention. If you learned your lessons—great! If not, that’s okay too! There is still time, and awareness is the first step. Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so it will feel much more at home in this sign and things will be much chiller. Life will feel more optimistic, creative, and joyful, as long as you allow it to be. Open your heart to the abundance of the Universe, and it will flow freely into your life. Whether it is the abundance of wealth, joy, love, anything. Ask and you shall receive.

This week is the last full week of Venus in Retrograde, before it ends on Thursday, November 15th. Spend this time reveling in self-love and appreciating your worth. With this New Moon on the 7th, lots of painful things may be brought up for healing. And that’s okay! Just show yourself as much love and compassion as you can muster. Accept your feelings for what they are, love them, and then move forward. You may be feeling more nostalgic about past relationships, or uneasy in current relationships… Sit with your feelings this week, and don’t make any major decisions in your relationships until after this retrograde is over. Be thinking about what relationships you have that are positive and need more nurturing, versus relationships that need mended or ended because of toxicity or situations gone awry… you can read more about Venus Retrograde here!

On November 16th, just one day after Venus goes direct, Mercury enters Retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius. You’ve probably heard of the famed Mercury Retrograde—the likelihood of accidents and technology failure increases, you aren’t supposed to initiate new projects, start a new job, or travel, communication gets all messed up and you’re soooo misunderstood …. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE SO BAD! Like all retrogrades, you can use this time to revisit areas of your life that need healing, areas that are likely to be triggered during this time. Astrology is a tool that you can use to heal your life! And a big part of that is learning how to use the energy productively… I will probably write a blog post separately dedicated to Mercury Retrograde closer to the time it begins, but for now just be aware that the end of Venus Retrograde might now be as big of a relief as you may be expecting. The healing will shift from matters of the heart, to issues in the realms that Sagittarius rules, like the truth, spirituality, philosophy, and our general happiness. More to come on this later! Focus on that heart healing for now <3

I hope y’all have found this information to be helpful and easy to apply! I would love to hear of your experience trying the Mirror Meditation, or any other self-love / soul exploration methods you use! As always, contact me if you have any questions, qualms, comments, or suggestions. I love to hear from you guys!

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