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Astrology Forecast: Your Guide to the Alchemical Scorpio Full Moon


This Full Moon in Scorpio, and this blog post in particular, has a lot of QUESTIONS about our ways of operating and subconscious expressions…. I challenge you to journal on the bolded questions in this blog sometime over the course of the next week, and see if you can use the Scorpion’s alchemical powers to find a solution to overcoming blocks in your life.

There is an increasing buzz of intensity as this weekend’s Scorpio Full Moon approaches. Some are miserable, some are motivated, some are lost in a sea of every emotion under the Sun. What can you expect overall for this weekend’s Flower Moon? Be prepared to face what has been lurking deep in the shadows of your subconscious, make peace with your demons, and release any and every block between you & your best self.

Scorpio is a sign of transformation: death and regeneration, observing the self to learn how to further improve, facing the darkness in order to self-actualize and thrive. This Full Moon is classically known for bringing alchemical energy and no-nonsense soul searching, INTENSE AND ENVELOPING EMOTIONS FROM THE HIGHEST PEAKS AND LOWEST CAVERNS, feverous passion, feelings of sensuality & mystery, flashes of intuitive wisdom and etheric guidance, and supremely enhanced psychic abilities.

Scorpio is always looking for ways to do better, live fuller, love harder, BE MORE AUTHENTIC! Often times when we are acting in line with toxic beliefs, they are beliefs imposed on us by our parents, peers, and society. Name a few things about this life that YOU love, values that YOU feel are priorities? How can you live more in line with what YOU believe? Who are you, really, at the root of it all? Unconditional, Universal Love. How do you express this Love in your daily actions? Be honest with yourself about how and where you can do better.

>I value our Mother. I believe that 110% of our attention needs to be healing the damage we have done to this Earth, to creating a sustainable way of existing that is lasting and harmonious. Nature has given us everything we have, and it is our duty to protect her, to be her voice. I express gratitude for her gracious generosity, but frankly, I could do better at living in a way that supports this priority of mine. I could make the switch to being 110% vegan. I could use more of my time picking up trash. I could be more active in contacting my representatives. I could share my love and knowledge with others in an attempt to cultivate a deeper connection and appreciation for our Mother.<

In terms of personal transformation, we have discussed this before: as any intense emotions or triggers arise, trace these feelings back to a root cause / belief you may hold, and consider whether this belief supports you or hinders you. If the latter, how could you better phrase this belief to support your success and compassion for All? The feelings that arise during this time may be painful and uncomfortable—these are the most important feelings to observe, as they are keys to your subconscious way of operating. They hold the answers to what stands between you and your best life.

If there has been a large, reoccurring, and persistent outdated belief in your life, this would be the time to put in the extra work to BANISH THIS HABIT, as the Scorpio Full Moon is potently backed with the power to LET GO, RELEASE, SURRENDER.

Scorpio’s polarity, Taurus, is inclined to make slow, methodical changes to their routines in order to manifest a longer, lasting change. With this Full Moon specifically, observe your day-to-day habits and routines, and notice what makes your energy feel full, light, electric, heavy, stagnant, toxic, etc. What fuels your fire, makes you feel more alive? How can you do more of this on a daily basis? How is this in line with your priorities & values? What is the point of living if you’re not doing something you love every day, if you’re not working towards achieving something you are passionate about?

>I intend on banishing my poor relationship with my body, a slew of habits that I have learned from my ancestors and has been passed down generations—overeating, sugar addiction, lack of exercise, etc. Many of my daily habits cause me to feel sluggish and stagnant, including scrolling on social media, eating toxic foods, and lack of physical movement and flow. When I eat raw and fresh foods, I feel good. When I move my body, stretch, dance, I feel alive and unstoppable. When I enrich my senses and state of being via creativity, exploration, or connection, I feel complete and fulfilled. When I help others, help our Mother, or work to heal the collective, I feel Unity, Peace, and Love. I set this intention to commit to these ideals as priorities, and will nurture them every day as such.<

The Scorpio Full Moon is also a powerful time for MAGIC & RITUAL! The sign of Scorpio has close relations with the Underworld, the realm of the unseen, mystical, magical, unmanifested… With this power, what would you like to pull from the etheric realm into the physical realm? Ideally, this would be in line with what you are intentionally banishing—for example, if you want to banish poor eating habits, manifest a nutritional and balanced diet! Manifest a personal dietitian or trainer at the gym!

What is the opposite of which you are banishing, and how can you incorporate this into your life on a small, daily scale; and thus as a large lifestyle change? How can you take the Scorpio passion & manifestation power, and pair it with Taurus’s dedication & knack for disciplined work to create lasting change?

Use Scorpio’s manifestation power to not only overcome your personal blocks, but create a life ripe with the total opposite. This version of you already exists in your mind, your dreams, a reality that is close to you but not quite present… pull this reality into the present with your daily actions, and start living your best life today! “Dooon’t dream it…. Be it!!!” –Dr. Frankenfurter, RHPS.

These are just some things to ponder as this weekend’s Full Moon urges us to transform on a soul level. Remember, all negative emotions that arise are trying to show us something, to teach us a lesson. Instead of allowing yourself to wallow in these feelings, or lash out at others, use them as clues to look within and heal your subconscious. The time is ripe for change. It’s up to you to take the necessary steps to welcome this change! You got this. We all do :)

Scorpio Full Moon crystals: Obsidian to reveal beliefs and protect you in the releasing process, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Rhodochrosite to heal, Aquamarine for clarity, comfort, and love, Labradorite and Malachite to enhance transformation, and Citrine and Topaz to manifest!

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