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Astrology Forecast: Your Guide to Sagittarius Season and New Moon!

The cosmos are exploding with Sagittarius vibes, with the Sun and Jupiter both in this sign, and a Sagittarius New Moon coming up on December 6/7th! Mercury was also just in Sagittarius, but it retrograded back into Scorpio on December 2nd. Once Mercury goes direct on the 6th, it will only be a few days before it slips back into Sagittarius. Because Mercury goes direct just hours before this New Moon, it is sure to pack a punch and bring that fresh clarity we have all been craving this retrograde season!

Sagittarius is known for being the philosophers of the zodiac and tend to be very spiritual but in a practical, dogmatic sort of way. This sign is optimistic, curious, adventurous, and independent, and loves change, spontaneity, travelling, and having fun. Sagittarius often speaks their mind and the truth, usually bluntly, tactlessly, and with disregard to other’s feelings. It is easy for them to grow restless when they are in the same place for too long, or when they have learned all they can or desire on a particular subject and want to move on. You may be feeling this way while the Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21st, and while Jupiter is in Sag until November 2019!

2018 has been a loooong friggin’ year. We have experienced the highest of highs, lowest lows, and significant transformation. Think back to who you were and what your life was like in January of this year. For me, I was on a high upswing from the beginning, I had just released the first of my skincare products, I was motivated to go after all of my dreams and that was my plan for 2018! Then everything CRASHED AND EXPLODED into a million pieces in May, and I wallowed in a hole of depression for most of the summertime… and since then, I have been putting all my energy into healing, picking up the pieces, gluing them back together with love and gold, and building my empire. For a while there, though, I didn’t think anything was worth fixing, that maybe I should run away and start over, that all the work I had put in was for naught….

Often times, situations arise to show you where you are weak, where you need healing, where you need change. There are lessons to be learned, and we as a species learn through pain and failure. Typically, these things are challenged before you can take action on your dreams, in order to solidify the foundation upon which you are building. The month of December is all about reflecting on the ups and downs we have had this year, studying the patterns and the lessons to make sure we learned all we can learn, and being grateful for our ability to heal, to grow, and to learn. Be grateful for this wild journey we are on, because it’s our lives! It is OUR journey, it is unique to us, and without it, we don’t exist. It’s what makes us human, what makes us alive.

This reflective energy comes to a head when Mercury goes direct on December 6th. Mercury Retrograde has been hitting home the lessons we have been learning all year, showing us where and how to heal deeper, testing us to make sure we actually have learned what we need to know. This retrograde causes us to feel hazy and cloudy in the mind, hesitant in our actions, and introverted in our nature. Once this planet goes direct, we feel clarity, peace, and ease. It is as if our knowing has been restored, the veil has been lifted, and everything makes sense. We are able to see why and where we were tested on things that happened to us. You can read more about Mercury Retrograde here.

What’s more, the Sagittarius New Moon peaks at 2:20am EST on December 7th, just hours after Mercury goes direct! This will offer us a huge boost in clarity, knowing, and optimism for our future. This New Moon will further illuminate our immense growth that has taken place this year. This year was very stagnant in the realms of action, it may feel like in the physical realm of things that we have not progressed as much as we may have liked. But mentally and spiritually, we have made massive moves in who we are and how we operate!

We have had to get our mentality in check before we can successfully go after our dreams. Use this New Moon to reflect back in all the ways in which you have grown, and discover the places in which you could use a bit more growth. Maybe you started using meditation techniques, affirmations, or astrology. Maybe you healed deep seated traumas and wounds that were holding you back, and manifesting negatively into your life. If you keep a journal, look back from January to now and look for these patterns and lessons. See how your tone of voice and word choice has changed. Maybe you are kinder to yourself. Maybe you are more understanding towards others. Use this time to celebrate your successes as a human being, and a being of light!

This new moon has a very adventurous and almost restless vibe to it. You may find yourself day dreaming about places you would like to travel, places you can see yourself in 2019… while new moons are great for intention setting, this particular new moon is best used reflecting on and celebrating your growth. This is the last lunar cycle of 2018, there is a heavy theme of closure and endings. Setting intentions and goals for the future won’t pack as big of a punch, so save these action based intentions for the new moon on January 5th!

Now I am definitely not discouraging the exploration of where you would like to go and be in the upcoming year... This restless, adventurous energy will be prevalent while Jupiter is in Sagittarius for the next 11 months. You have so much time to dream and plan your next adventure, but be sure to use this time to give thanks and appreciate yourself for all the hard work and transforming you have been doing! Expressing gratitude will show the Universe that you are ready for the next chapter, and she will shower you in blessings for your appreciation.

So for this new moon, set intentions for the type of person this “new you” is, new philosophies and ways of life in which you would like to abide. Focus on the WHY of who you are and who you want to be. Do you want to be more compassionate, more curious, more inspired, more creative? Do you want to work harder, play harder, love harder? Expand your spirituality? WHY??? Observe the trajectory of your growth, and see how you can incorporate the lessons you've learned in order to become a better person, the best version of yourself, now and in 2019. The Universe is working in your favor, she wants you to succeed, all you have to do is be open and allow yourself to accept her help.

In order to open yourself up to the abundance the Universe has to offer, you must clear a space for the blessings! Take time during this New Moon to declutter your physical space, your to do list, and your mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage. The more you let go of before this New Moon & before the end of the year, the more room you have for these blessings from the Universe!

And finally, all these Sagittarius vibes may have us feeling torn between taking life too seriously and not giving quiite enough shits. This sign is either very much in their head, pondering the mysteries and synchronicities of life, bogged down by the truth and how they feel about it… or, they are rambunctious, flippant, and carefree. One side is emotionally overwhelmed, and the other is emotionally distant. Balance between immersion and avoidance is important. Your feelings are valid, each and every one of them, but you are in control of how they affect you. The first step is facing them, so that you know what you’re dealing with. Mercury Retrograde has made this recognition difficult, but as we approach the end and also this empowering New Moon, we are regaining clarity. After recognition of your feelings, we still may be facing the urge to wallow or run…..

The key? EXPRESSION! Allow yourself to connect with these feelings and express them in a healthy way, whether it be to yourself or others. My favorite way to clear the haze of intense emotions is by journaling! Get that shit out of your brain and onto paper. This can also help show you where you need to have actual conversations about your feelings with your loved ones. There have been difficulties in communication with Mercury in Retrograde for the last few weeks, even in communications with ourselves and our spirit guides. Allow yourself to reconnect, and listen. Process. Sort through these feelings, and make a plan to go from there. Release feelings that are not serving your Highest Good, and communicate the feelings you want to remain with those around you.

In summary, take the month of December to RELAX and CELEBRATE! You have come so friggin’ far this year. Give yourself the break you need and the recognition you deserve before an action packed 2019. Most importantly: GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE!

Thanks for reading! Crystals that will help you with theses Sagittarius vibes include Bronzite, Citrine, Garnet, Blue Lace Agate, Amethyst, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue and Yellow Topaz, and Tiger’s Eye!

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