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Astrology Forecast: Venus Retrograde

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

Venus is our next door neighbor and only retrogrades every 19 months, so when it happens we feel it strongly here on Earth. She is Goddess energy, and rules love, beauty, joy, and wealth. This retrograde also has also an emphasis on your relationships with creative projects and work. Venus begins its retrograde on October 5th in Scorpio, moves into Libra on October 31st, and turns direct in Libra on November 15th.

This retrograde will stir up matters of the heart that we are neglecting, specifically the ways we love and connect with ourselves and others. Do you give too much or too little? Do you have a thick, heavy shield up that is blocking good things from coming your way? Or do you have muddled boundaries, and often find yourself being used and abused? You may find yourself in reoccurring situations or relationships, where you haven’t yet learned your lesson so it keeps repeating. This is the Universe trying to get your attention. This is a time to observe at these patterns and figure out a way to find balance in your heart center.

While Venus is in Scorpio, there is an emphasis on personal transformation and working internally to make changes for yourself. Watch your self talk around this time, you may find yourself being more hard on yourself than usual. How can you change your inner dialogue to become your own best friend and motivator?

Ask yourself: do you love yourself the way you expect others to love you? I was born under Venus retrograde in Scorpio, and this has always been a big theme for me personally. I have always showered my lovers in affection, material things, and kind gestures, all the while leaving nothing for myself. I would only cook meals if I knew they would be hungry, otherwise just eat junk food or nothing at all. I thought I was being a good girlfriend by doing all this, but really I was just neglecting aspects of myself to lift my lovers higher... It’s no wonder that none of these relationships worked out! To end this reoccurring theme, I must put in the effort to nurture myself, to cook myself extravagant meals, massage my own sore muscles, take myself on solo dates, to LOVE myself how I want to be loved. If you have issues in the realm of giving yourself the love you need, this will be heavily triggered during the first half of Venus Rx in Scorpio. Just remember: you are made of star stuff, you are a beautiful piece of this Universe, you deserve to be happy, and you deserve to live your best life. What lifestyle habits can you instill that will cultivate more love for yourself in your life?

Once Venus shifts backwards into Libra, the focus will shift to how we connect with others, and how our actions affect the world around us. Are you treating others how you want to be treated? How can you be the friend, family member, coworker, or lover that you want to be and that you want others to be? We all have the power to choose the kind of person we want to be. We also all have the power to choose who we allow in our lives. This is the time to shed toxic relationships, relationships where the give and take is unbalanced. Situations are likely to arise during this time that will draw attention to which relationships are no longer serving you.

Venus rules the Heart Chakra, and one of the things the Heart Chakra deals with is our willingness to accept the world around us. If we constantly are maintaining a heavy shield to protect our hearts, we are likely to be blocking opportunities for greatness and development. If our energy is being drained due to lack of boundaries, we are unable to maintain the high vibration that is needed to attract positive opportunities into our lives. Watch for situations that challenge the way we experience life, the way we love, the way we connect. This is the Universe calling you to make positive changes for yourself and the world.

I hope this information will help guide you during this time of deep, beautiful transformations! Crystals that will help with this retrograde include Rhodonite, Green Aventurine, and Blue Lace Agate. Thanks for reading!

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