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Astrology Forecast: Making the Most of the Eclipse Gateway & Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

After the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn we experienced on January 5th, many of you have come to me asking, “Ally… WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” I’ve heard y’all are having crazy dreams, intense visions and intuitive flashes, crazy synchronicities, extremely intense and overwhelming feelings of all varieties—peace, joy, gratitude, awe and amazement, sureness, excitement… frenzy, depression, anxiety, anger, frustration, discomfort… The overwhelming consensus is—we are feeling a lot, but something is different now.

The Winter Solstice and Solar Eclipse created a massive and unanimous shift throughout the collective, through all of us. A gateway has been opened, and there is no turning back. This mean that old ways of operating aren’t working for us anymore, and we can feel the difference. If you haven’t read my Solar Eclipse in Capricorn blog post, you should read that here before beginning this entry!

The January 5th Solar Eclipse illuminated us from within to show us what is holding us back, where we need change, who we are vs. who we want to be, where we want to go, and what sort of energies and experiences we want to manifest for ourselves from this point on. Integrating the lessons we have learned from 2018 has been, and will continue to be, a heavy theme this month as well.

So ideally, on the New Moon at the beginning of this month, you set some intentions and goals for the New Year. Because this New Moon doubled as a Solar Eclipse, these intentions and manifestations are backed with power and passion! Since then, we have been in what is known as an “Eclipse Gateway”, the time between two eclipses. The time between eclipses is RIPE for implementing new habits, thought patterns, and significant changes in your life. You are likely to experience “aha!” moments during this time, especially in terms of habits you have tried and failed to implement in the past, as this eclipse energy is guiding you to see and learn what you need to know. The second eclipse takes place on January 20th/21st, and is a Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo. As long as weather permits, it will be visible to the United States, beginning at 10:33pm (EST), peaking at 11:41pm, and ending at 1:50am!

This Eclipse Gateway began with us setting intentions and goals for 2019, and as the lunar cycle progresses from a New Moon to this impending Full Moon, we have been called to take action and solidify these intentions and goals. This is also the perfect time to finish up overdue tasks and to-do items from 2018, in order to free our schedule of old, heavy tasks and welcome new opportunities! It is very important you use this week wisely if you want to reap the benefits of this celestial phenomenon! We have this cosmic push supporting us, all we have to do is put in a little work. This push gives us an innate feeling of optimism, restlessness, and, at times, anxiety. We KNOW what changes we need to make in order to feel fulfilled, healthy, and whole.

Eclipse Gateways are known for being super charged, synchronistic, and deeply healing; old habits and behaviors, unresolved traumas, and metaphysical blocks are being brought to the surface to be absolved and dealt with once and for all. Some of these blocks we have been working to clear for years, some we are just now noticing.

So we may be feeling anxious, listless, angry, depressed, upset, discontent, aggravated… This is the Universe’s way of asking you to look at this feelings, and ask why. Trace these feelings to the root, and see what you find. If you aren’t already aware of your traumas, the answers are likely to still be obvious, as this collective shift is really illuminating what is and isn’t serving us anymore. Aspects of your life that need healed have been coming to the surface for months now, since the start of Venus Retrograde back in October 2018, and have escalated in strength and urgency with the Winter Solstice and Solar Eclipse. The more you fight these feelings and ignore the call to confront your past, the worse you will feel; and the closer we get to this Lunar Eclipse in Leo, the stronger our emotions and this call to action becomes.

This Gateway is calling us to FEEL our feelings for what they are, OBJECTIVELY trace this feeling back to a root, and dig up the story in our past that has caused this soul-wound. Why are you attached to this story? Why are you letting this story affect the way you think, feel, and act? Why are you letting this story dictate WHO YOU ARE? This is not your identity. You are, SIGNIFICANTLY, SO MUCH MORE THAN YOUR PAST. Look at this story objectively, draw the necessary lessons from this story, and then CHOOSE to not let this story have power over you anymore. How do you not let this story affect you anymore? By RELEASING your ATTACHMENT to the STORY, by CHOOSING to not IDENTIFY with your past.

This process is obviously so much harder than it sounds, and sometimes takes YEARS to accomplish. It took me 3 years to notice, confront and begin healing my most deep seated trauma, and I am still actively rebuilding this belief to this day! Some of these stories are so deeply ingrained in our idea of who we are, that it seems nearly impossible to be anything other than our past experiences and selves. The more you identify with this story, the stronger the influence it has over your life, and the harder it will be for you to release your attachment to it. And that is so, totally, okay! It’s all part of your journey. Sometimes traumas are passed down generationally. Sometimes it takes literal decades to absolve traumas from your life, because they aren’t just your traumas, they are your parent’s stories, their parent’s stories, and so on. But the most important, difficult, and courageous part of your journey is to consciously identify which stories are taking your power from you, and which stories fuel your fire. The result is your contentment, peace, and happiness, so really, what do you have to lose, other than negativity and ego?

Once you consciously identify these harmful stories, you can look to see how they manifest in your life in your thoughts, habits, and beliefs. You now have a choice—you can either, a) continue to let your past have power over you by continuing to act unconsciously, or b) CHOOSE TO REWRITE THE SCRIPT! Choose to act in a way that empowers you, vs. the old story. Bring awareness to your everyday actions and encounters, and objectively observe your thoughts and the way you act. When you notice you are drawing on the past and living from a place of unconsciousness, gently bring your awareness to your Heart Center, the present moment, and respond from this place of peace and compassion, vs. a place of hurt, mistrust, and expectation. If reading this rings true in your heart, I suggest reading “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle, and “The Warrior Goddess Way” by Heatherash Amara.

Let me reiterate: IF WE IGNORE THESE FEELINGS, THESE WOUNDS, AND OUR UNCONSCIOUS ACTIONS, WE WILL CONTINUE TO FEEL LIKE SHIT. Change takes courage. As we approach this Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, we are going to be hella triggered. Hella emotional. Hella exhausted, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, ESPECIALLY if we are avoiding the root of these issues! Give yourself as much love and care as possible during this time. Tune into your body and ask what it needs—water, sleep, exercise, nutrition, a good stretch or walk in the park, a bath, etc. Be gentle with yourself! Healing is an extremely fucking difficult and draining process! Our souls need all of the love we have to give.

Also: while it may be beneficial to spend time with friends; blowing off steam, consciously discussing this energy and these shifts, setting your worries aside to have a little fun, holding space for each other, etc; be sure that you aren’t using socializing as a distraction, or putting the needs of others before your needs. This is a time to be “selfish”, because by healing ourselves, we heal the world. We need our attention first, before we are able to go forth and prosper as a whole. Lifting each other up is important, collective support is important, and the bond of compassion and friendship is important—but so is self-care. *this may be an opportunity to integrate our lessons from 2018’s Venus Retrograde, in terms of boundaries and the ways in which we love ourselves and others—see that blog post here*

You may notice that you feel significantly more optimistic and hopeful about these changes you want to make. There is always a sense of renewed ambition when a New Year begins… but this time is different. There is a genuine feeling of hope, that the ability and opportunity to achieve real, tangible change is ripe and abundant. Now is the time! No matter how many times you have tried to implement this change, now is the time for success. This massive, cosmic push is so unbelievably strong, that there is no way you won’t be able to overcome any obstacle in your path. All it takes is faith and courage, and objective discernment towards what in your life helps you and what hinders you.

This optimism is largely in part of the new paradigm we have entered, the new way of living we are being called to achieve. There is no time for dilly-dallying and lollygagging in old, outdated behaviors in this new reality—this is our future we are talking about! Our happiness! Livelihood! We are being called to step up, take responsibility, and take charge of the lives we are manifesting for ourselves. This optimism is largely in part to Jupiter being in its home sign of Sagittarius, expanding our personal ways of operating, personal philosophies, and ABUNDANCE!

We are also feeling particularly motivated to transform our lives because of Uranus’s current transit. Uranus shifted into Taurus for the first time in 84 years in May of 2018. What abrupt changes and realizations came to fruition during this time, especially in terms of your financial stability and home life? Uranus then retrograded back into Aries, where we were likely to undergo lessons and experiences that continued to illuminate what areas in our life need overhauled. Last week, Uranus turned direct in the last few degrees of Aries, where it will remain until March before shifting into Taurus for the next 7 years. This shift out of retrograde in Aries illuminates and solidifies these lessons we have been learning since May 2018, and will empower us to implement these changes and really go after what it is we want! This is causing us to feel confident and passionate in terms of our personal development—we are blazing the way for our new lives in this new paradigm. From now until March, expect radical, sometimes abrupt and surprising