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Astrology Forecast: The Dark Mysteries of Scorpio Season

Here it is, and welcome, to my favorite time of year… Scorpio season! Beginning October 23rd and ending on November 22nd. Although Scorpio is a water sign, she is packed with a fiery passion and punch in the stinger. If Libra season was all about observing our imbalances, Scorpio season is the time to dig deeper, to make necessary changes, and to instill the habits to become our best selves. This is a time of inner reflection and doing work within, so making time for yourself is very important. Not only will the Sun be in Scorpio, but Mercury, Venus Rx, and Jupiter are also in this mystical sign, making the deep, murky waters of soul searching and cosmic change inescapable.

Scorpio is: the Scorpion, the sign of sex, death, and the Underworld, ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, and Mars the planet of action. It is also often represented by a Phoenix rising from the ashes, as it is the sign of “The Alchemist”. The correlating tarot card for this sign is Death, as with death comes rebirth. This sign is dark, magical, mysterious, passionate, sexual, loyal, honest, ambitious, private, and intuitive. Scorpios usually get a bad rap for being jealous, manipulative, secretive, controlling, resentful, and vengeful. However, as Scorpio is the master of transformation, they are inclined to analyze their behaviors and beliefs, and see when and how they are being toxic. They are the masters of digging deeper to find the root, the cause, the meaning. Earth-shattering transformation comes easy to Scorpio, and it will be a big theme for all of us this month!

Change can be scary, but by releasing your resistance to change, you are welcoming your Highest Self to take the lead. The desire to control outcomes and obsess over the details is most definitely a Scorpio quality that you may be feeling these next few weeks. Just remember that everything happens for a reason, all in due time. Things happen when they are supposed to happen. Releasing our attachment to outcomes alleviates so much unnecessary stress and anxiety in our lives.

While the Sun is in Scorpio, our actions, reactions, and attitudes will be under scrutiny. We will be pulled to dive deep into our minds and discover why we are the way we are. We will be given the opportunity to shed limiting beliefs, to evolve, and to become our best selves. With Venus in Retrograde until November 15th, so for most of Scorpio season, it is likely that these patterns under scrutiny will be involving our relationships and partnerships, our relationship with money, and our relationship with ourselves. You will have zero tolerance for relationships that hold you back, and deeply crave meaningful connection. And this will be the time to do something about it. Read more about Venus Retrograde here.

Situations are likely to arise during this transit that highlight areas that need a makeover. When something in our lives needs transformed, it is usually something that is holding us back, something toxic. These toxic beliefs manifest as reoccurring patterns and situations in our lives. For example, if you believe that you don't deserve to be happy, you will always be focused on the negative. Another example, maybe your parents diminished your self-worth, and now you unconsciously attract relationships that are abusive, that follow the belief "I am not worthy." Once we notice that the situations in our lives are not random, but a manifestation of a reoccurring belief, we can trace the events back to a limiting belief we have about ourselves, and we are able to make a choice to break the pattern.

Certain interactions may trigger us to feel anxious, angry, upset… Scorpios are known for deep, captivating feelings that seem to swallow their whole existence. When shit gets dark, when you feel anxious and uncomfortable with your existence… Look at these feelings, feel their depths, and trace them back to the trigger. You are likely to find a deep-seated, limiting belief here that is being triggered and negatively effecting your life. Most of the time, it ends with the fear that we are not enough… that we aren’t smart enough, brave enough, pretty enough, strong enough… which leads to thoughts like, “I don’t deserve happiness”, “I don’t deserve love”, “I don’t deserve to be successful”, or “I don’t deserve to follow my dreams”….

These statements are just BELIEFS! You have been told or told yourself so many times that they are true, and that they are real solid fact… why not tell yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU DESERVE LOVE! YOU DESERVE TO SHINE! Look fear in the face and say BEAT IT! Tell yourself so many times that you are worthy until you believe it. “I am worthy. I am enough. I deserve love.” Write it down on little post-its and fill your home, your car, your job with them. Remind yourself every time the defeating thoughts come back that YOU. ARE. WORTHY. Make choices that support these new, positive beliefs. Every time you do it, it becomes easier. The positive voice gets louder. This is what Scorpio season is about, the raw and total transformation of the voice inside your head, the ability to change your life as you know it. The shedding of the old and the birth of the new. You have the power to create your reality, and it begins with your thoughts. Breathe deep, look within, and love what you find. Show yourself acceptance, patience, and compassion. You deserve it.

I hope this reading was a helpful guide to your Scorpio season! Crystals that will help you during this time include Citrine, Topaz, Malachite, Opal, Rhodochrosite, Obsidian, Rhodonite, and Sodalite. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or things you would like to share <3 Love and Light y’all!

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