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Astrology Forecast: Taurus Full Moon for Increasing Stability and Peace

New Moons mark the beginning of a new month-long lunar cycle, but also a year-long cycle that ends on the next New Moon in the same sign. The cycle peaks on the Full Moon of the same sign, which happens 6 months between the two New Moons, during the Sun sign that is opposite the sign of the Moon. So in the case of the Scorpio Cycle, the Full Moon in Scorpio will occur during Taurus season, which is the sign opposite of Scorpio both in the wheel and personality traits. This Full Moon is in Taurus, so we are in the peak of the Taurus cycle.

I like to make a point to take note of the astrological happenings in my journal, so that I may revisit the feelings and lessons I was experiencing at that time. These are usually themes of the cycle that are highlighted, and have high opportunity for healing during this time. The first step in transformation is recognition of what needs changed, and it’s easier to discover and keep track of personal patterns and progress when you write in a journal.


The Taurus Full Moon occurring on October 24th fits hand in hand with the Scorpio Season and Venus Retrograde theme of transforming our relationships with ourselves. Venus is Taurus’s ruling planet, so not only is the Sun in Taurus’s opposing sign, but Venus Rx is as well. This will further light up areas of our life that are no longer serving us, particularly in our relationships with ourselves and others. Think of this moon as lighting up the sky and shining down onto our subconscious mind, illuminating our triggers, beliefs, and partnerships that are no longer serving us. You can read more about Scorpio Season here, and Venus Retrograde here.

Taurus is practical, stable, creative, stubborn, introverted, trust-worthy, materialistic, generous, loyal, and dedicated. They have few very close friends that they spoil with loving adoration and gifts on any occasion. Their living space is aesthetically pleasing and a sanctuary for all things comfortable.

This Full Moon isn’t particularly crazy, in fact it will make you want to stay inside, revel in silence, and indulge in self-care activities. Areas of your life that are unstable and out of balance will be highlighted so that we may be given the opportunity to make a change.

Taurus deals with material possessions, finances, and health, so make a special note of habits in this realm that may be tipping the scales. Because the Full Moon in Taurus marks the peak of the Taurus cycle, we can look back to the Taurus New Moon back in May 2018 and see what themes were occurring around that time. If you keep a journal, I suggest you look back at the month of May and see what issues were present in your life, specifically in terms of love, health, and finances. It is likely that these themes will be repeating now! New information may be brought to light, and the chance to shed these old patterns may arise.

In my personal case, I made a goal back in May to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink and the weed I smoke. I get into this endless cycle of drinking so much coffee that I get anxious, so I smoke weed to calm down… then I get sleepy, so I make more coffee. I haven’t been doing well at curbing either of these habits. I am using this Full Moon to help me instill BALANCE in my habits! I love drinking coffee and I love smoking weed. Quitting these things altogether would make me sad, because both warm my soul in their own special way. Moderation is key! I want to listen to my body, and stop drinking when I start to get jittery. Instead of drinking an entire pot maybe just make one cup. Ditch the extra shot of espresso. Maybe try black tea or dandelion root some mornings. I will also stop smoking weed while the sun is up, unless it is my day “off” or in a social setting. Keep it out of sight, out of mind. Every time I want to smoke, take a break to do some yoga and intentional breathing. Go for a walk. Drink a huge glass of water. Be present with myself so that I may be in tune with what I REALLY need.

It could be hoarding unnecessary things, overspending on pointless items, or neglecting to buy yourself necessities for fear of losing money. Maybe you have a closet in your house that is overflowing with stuff that you haven’t touched in years and it haunts you in your dreams. In terms of health, maybe you started a diet that isn’t really working for you, or you just can’t seem to make yourself go to the gym as much as you want. Maybe you tried to introduce a new budget back in May, and you have been sticking to it really well, except you can’t seem to stop buying coffee every morning at the local Dunkin Donuts, which is bad for your health AND wallet… *looking at myself, thanks* now would be the time to act on this habit! IT IS TOTALLY OKAY TO LOOK BACK ON GOALS AND ADMIT THAT YOU ARE FAILING! The fact that you can acknowledge this, and want to make a change, is the biggest and most important step!!!

Ask yourself—how can you welcome more stability and security into your life? Start by looking at the areas that are lacking stability and security. How can you make every day of your life more calm, peaceful, and loving? This doesn’t mean “how to not have a bad day ever again”… but you can approach a bad day with a positive attitude. How can you approach negative situations from a place of love? How can you bring yourself back to center the next time life gets crazy? TAKE A BIG OL’ DEEP BREATH… We have been granted the gift of free will, which means we can choose our reactions to situations and stimuli. We can rise above things that try to drag us down by simply CHOOSING to rise. When you are faced with a negative situation, you can take a deep breath, choose light over ego, and respond from a place of love. Become the eye of your own hurricane. Life is only a storm if you let it be. Instead, LET IT BE.

Taurus has a tendency to want to control situations to get what they want. They become attached to outcomes and expectations. You will probably be feeling this way around this Full Moon. If you do, remember this: Attachment to expectation is the cause of suffering. If you are attached to something, and it doesn’t happen your way, you will be upset. However, if you accept something as it is, there is no issue. You will be letting what is, be. Releasing our resistance to the present moment, surrendering to what is, is the best way to make peace with your surroundings and your life. This doesn’t mean surrender to the toxic things in your life, this is more in terms of things that you cannot change. Just breathe. Ground yourself. And let it be.

Thanks for reading! Crystals that will help you during this Full Moon include Rhodonite, Emerald, Tourmaline, Epidote, Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Selenite, and Kyanite.

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