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Astrology Forecast: Connect With Your Truth this Gemini New Moon

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

We are about 10 days into Gemini Season, coming up on the Gemini New Moon on June 3rd! This sign gets the most hate, but Gemini Season is all about being social, meeting new people, networking, and communicating thoughts & ideas in a productive way! What’s so bad about that?

The effects of last month’s Scorpio Full Moon are still being felt, as we are being called to deeply PURGE everything standing between us and our Highest Divine Expression. This is a painful process, as our deepest, most volatile ways of living & believing are being pulled to the surface for us to make the choice to LET GO. No matter how triggered, angry, or miserable these beliefs make us, it is our job to step into our power, thank the trigger for the lesson, and release our attachment to this belief with peace and love.

That’s obviously a lot harder than it sounds, but I hope you at least find some solace in the fact that YOU can make a CHOICE that frees you from limiting beliefs & habits that make you miserable. Ain’t nobody else gonna do the work for ya, it’s up to YOOOU! If you want to read more about this healing process, check out my Scorpio Full Moon blog here!

We will get a deep breath of relief with this Gemini New Moon, as we are being asked to rewrite the beliefs we have released into more supportive, uplifting, and loving dialogue. You can look at areas where you are mean to yourself—i.e. is your room always a mess and it stresses you out? Do you beat yourself up over silly mistakes at work? Do you shame yourself for not completing your to do list or being more productive? Where can you be more kind to yourself, and what does this kindness sound like?

So, as I have discussed in past blogs & Instagram posts, I have been trying for a few months to overcome my eating disorder, and I am at the point where I am ready to release my poor eating habits, and belief that “I deserve this” -- as I inhale Spicy Potato Tacos from Taco Bell and/or a milkshake from UDF. These things taste good, but make me feel like shit later, whether physically ill, mentally hazy, or verbally abusive to myself. Do I deserve that? No. So I am using this Gemini New Moon to rewrite this belief as, I deserve to feel healthy, strong, and nourished! I deserve to feel comfortable in my body! I deserve the taste of juicy, sweet fruits and hearty, vivacious vegetables! I deserve the energy that these whole, raw foods provide to me!

The Gemini New Moon will also reveal to us more information on our Highest Divine Truth. Since 2019 began, we have been hit with some super transformational cosmic energy. We have been stripped of toxicity, learned how to set boundaries, and are learning how to be raw, vulnerable, and authentic. This New Moon in Gemini will help us see where we stand after shedding so much of who we thought we were, and connect us with our deepest, most authentic essence. After such intense transformation, we need a moment to step back and see who we really are.

Connecting with this Truth will allow us to communicate more honestly and effectively, ESPECIALLY when asking the Universe for what we want! We have the power to create our realities, and that power lies in where our attention is focused. “Energy flows where attention goes,” if you’re focused on the negative, you create more negative, because that’s all you can see! Can you think of an example in your life where you may be unintentionally manifesting negative situations & beliefs, by not being the observer of your thoughts?

Example: if you are focused on how fat and dumb you are, you will never be fit & smart, because you’ll be obsessing over your flaws, which will only amplify their affects—making you fatter and dumber. Instead, focus on how powerful your body is as you move it during exercise, and how magical you feel when you properly nourish your body with nutrient rich foods, and how excited and stimulated your brain feels while you read books and personally develop your interests! See what I mean? When focusing on your flaws, there is NO ROOM for growth—just a massive pity party & self-deprecating language. When focusing on YOUR POWER to change your reality, you are filled with motivation to be your best!

So we probably have a clear idea of where we need change in our lives, and this Gemini New Moon will help us express this newfound Truth, and offer us immense motivation to make a change that allows us to live more in line with this Truth! Just remember: DON’T BE AFRAID TO STEP UP, SPEAK UP, AND ASK THE UNIVERSE FOR WHAT YOU WANT! We live in an abundant, loving reality, so long as that’s what we believe, as the Universe is always willing to help you get what you want. But when you’re focusing on the negative, like in the previous example, She will think THAT’S what you want, and give you more of the negative! That’s why it is SO FREAKING IMPORTANT to be the observer of your thoughts, and make sure they are in line with your beliefs—that you deserve to succeed, you deserve to deserve to be happy, that you deserve to thrive. If you let the Universe know, consistently, that this is what you want, She will give it to you 10 fold. You just have to ask for it louder than you’re asking for the negative.

I hope this post has offered you some insight, and outlined the tools you need to make the most of this energy, rewrite your beliefs, and manifest your dreams! LOVE AND LIGHT xoxo

Crystals that will help during this time: ANYTHING BLUE! The sign of Gemini rules the Throat Chakra, so any crystals that work in this area will help us make the most of this energy. Blue Apatite specifically works wonders! Also, Citrine, Chyrsocolla, Rhodonite, Fluorite, Chrysoprase, any kind of Jasper, and Black Tourmaline.

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