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Astrology Forecast: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn for Planting Seeds and Taking Action

I want to start this blog post by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL’A’Y’ALL READERS! I am so grateful for how much this blog has taken off, and how many of you have reached out to me with your comments, insights, stories, and thank-you’s! I started this blog because I was already doing all of this research for personal use, and it was helping me so much that I wanted to share the wealth with you guys! The best way to utilize this energy is to JOURNAL JOURNAL JOURNAL! Journal your feels, the events in your life, anything and everything you want. I would also take notes when you read my blog posts on the major themes happening in the cosmos at that time, so that you can look back and see what lessons you were learning and what blessings you were manifesting. For example, I am about to write about the New Moon in Capricorn, and encourage you to set some intentions—6 months from now is a Full Moon in Capricorn, and with work and love your intentions will have either manifested, yay! OR, you will be able to identify patterns from the journal entries in between that have held you back from manifesting your goals. For this particular New Moon, you will have an extra boost to release extraneous baggage with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon in Leo on January 20th (it sounds like a doozy, it IS a doozy)! So as 2019 begins, I highly encourage you to go get a journal if you don’t have one already. I hope y’all had a magnificent holiday season and rang in the New Year with peace, love, and joy!


To fit in with the “New Year, New Me” energy, the cosmos have blessed us with a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn on January 5, at roughly 8:28pm EST. Up until this point, you may have been feeling scattered and disoriented. This is typical after the week between Christmas and New Years, I always feel like January 2nd I just woke up from a coma and I have no idea what day it is or what year (lol) it is… but this time around is different. This is a cosmic buzzing in all our hearts, an excitement in the air, a feeling that change is coming on the horizon… I have talked to numerous individuals who are saying THERE IS A SHIFT COMING… I got goosebumps as I typed that.

The energy this month is complex and extra charged, so let’s take it step by step and let’s start with the basics. Capricorn is known for being the iconic “father figure” type—the stern yet patient, practical, and wise traditional masculine figure. This sign is ambitious, driven, serious, hardworking, wealth/business oriented, stubborn, self-centered, emotionally detached, and moody. Represented by the mountain goat, this sign is known for the ability to climb any mountain with steadfast calculations and cautious steps.

You may be feeling extra inclined to make drastic changes in your health, your career, your home life, anything at all in which you may be feeling unsatisfied in your life. This is especially true in terms of habits and circumstances you have been trying to makeover for a while now, but haven’t been able to implement as time passed. This is the time to try again! Any new habits you try to incorporate now have more cosmic mojo than ever before! If you were wondering if you would ever get a push in the right direction, the time is now. The cosmic hand is guiding you to success. What do you want to change about your life? What habits and ideals would you like to incorporate, that you really and truly feel would impact your time here on this Earth for the better?

Because the sign of Capricorn is so goal oriented, this New Moon will be the perfect time to set intentions and goals for 2019! What is the difference between goals and intentions? A goal is a measureable, desired outcome for the future. A goal requires steps to achieve, the outcome is concrete, and you achieve the outcome in the future. For example, if your goal is to move out of your parent’s house, the end goal is to have your own space. To achieve this goal, you have to 1. Locate a source of income, 2. Work, 3. Save up money, 4. Tour a few places, 5. Pick a place and do all the paperwork, 6. Pack up your shit, 7. Move on out, 8. Create your sacred space! Each step is necessary and must be completed in successive steps in order to manifest clearly and appropriately.

An intention has to do more with the present moment, and is a feeling or state of being you would like to achieve in the now. An intention is a conscious declaration to live your life with purpose! Intentions have to do with the emotions you desire to feel while working towards your goal. For example, say it is taking a while for you to save up and move out of your parent’s house, and the environment there is suffocating and not conducive to creativity or peace of mind. You can set the intention to have the strength to find peace within yourself, to find a comfortable home within the bounds of your body, or that abundance flows naturally towards you to increase wealth and positivity.

“I have the strength to overcome any and all obstacles in my path,” “My body is a peaceful and comfortable home in which I reside,” “My mind is clear and my heart is at peace,” “My life is overflowing with an abundance of gratitude and wealth!”

Setting the intention to live a certain way brings you closer to your goals, because you are aligning your personal vibration with the vibration of that you wish to achieve. Say your goal is to move out so that you may cultivate peaceful and inspiration. You feel peace and inspiration only exist in the future, and can only be obtained by completing the goal. BUT, you can set the INTENTION to cultivate peace and inspiration within yourself, in the present moment! This LITERALLY shifts your vibration to match your desired goal, and being in line energetically with your goal attracts the opportunity to you more quickly and with ease.

Here is my 2019 list of words I have the intention to cultivate in my life! I usually write down these key words and hang them in a place I can see them every day. For more content like this, follow @metamorphic_forest on Instagram!

So far for me, the last few days I have really been focused on what and how I want to FEEL and BE this year… I want to feel peace, I want to be disciplined, I want to feel stability, I want to be and feel abundant… cultivating these feelings will bring me closer to my goals of being a successful business woman, an independent and stable adult, a multifaceted and skilled lightworker... In terms of manifesting, it really and truly is all about attitude! However, my physical path is very unclear at this moment. I have many options to choose from in terms of Metamorphic Forest, my place and location of living, my job... but all I can do at this point is TRUST that my next steps will be revealed, as long as I choose to do what is in my best interest at all times. There is a nervous excitement fluttering in my chest, I feel a buzz just under my skin that tells me something big is coming… As each day goes on, I feel more sure of myself and what I want, and less anxious... The path is becoming clearer… it’s all building for the SOLAR ECLIPSE aspect of this New Moon!

A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth, and the sky goes dark as the moon moves across the sky in front of the Sun. You may remember the total Solar Eclipse that was visible from the United States in August 2016. This eclipse will only be partially visible for us here in the U.S., but will nonetheless have an intense energetic effect on all us Earthlings!

The Sun represents who we are, our personalities, and our egos. The Moon represents our emotions, our inner desires, and the seat of our soul. When the Sun is shining directly on the Moon, and thus casting us in shadow here on Earth, we are called to look within and meet ourselves in the darkness. This allows us to see more clarity into the shadows of ourselves, and learn more about who we are and what we want. This, coupled with the New Moon in Capricorn energy, offers us extreme clarity on what direction we should take in the upcoming year.

This weekend’s lunar events are PERFECT for daydreaming about what your ideal life looks like, and really getting to the root of who you want to be and how you want to feel this year. We went through an IMMENSE and INTENSE transformative period the last few months of 2018, we have shed SO MUCH of our skin, and we are being called to reconnect with ourselves, and tune into the wants and needs of our most authentic selves.

Allow your mind to wander deep into your desires and see if you can meet what it is you truly want for yourself, what you want to manifest, in 2019. Envision yourself living your best life. Feel the feelings you attribute to this dream life. Are you at peace? Successful? Strong? Productive? Loving? Inspiring? Magical? What you want to manifest is your goal, and your intention is the feeling. Setting the intention now will help bring your goal closer to you! This Eclipse is supporting you—the deeper and more authentically you dream, the more likely you are to really and truly manifest this life for yourself!

This energy is EXTRA DOUBLE POTENT as it marks the beginning of a new eclipse cycle through the opposing signs, Cancer and Capricorn. There will be a several eclipses in these signs throughout the year, and this first eclipse will offer clarity in terms of the lessons and manifestations this cycle may bring. Like I mentioned before, as Capricorn is the traditional father figure, Cancer is the traditional mother figure. We may be healing our relationships with our literally parents at this time, or these two forces within ourselves. There is a heavy theme of balance between hard-work vs self-care, work vs play, logic vs intuition, concrete vs. creative...

This first Solar Eclipse on Saturday will give us clues as to what this cycle will be about in terms of manifesting. The Lunar Eclipse on January 20th will give us insight on what this cycle will be about in terms of release. The time between these two eclipses is called the “Eclipse Gateway”, and is a potent time for recognizing blocks, learning lessons, and receiving messages from the Universe in terms of healing & your personal journey. The more you use this energy, the stronger and more transformative the release will be on the Lunar Eclipse Full Blood Moon on January 20th!

I really hope this guide offered you clarity on how to make the most of this energy, and hope towards having a magnificent, kick-ass 2019! Dream big, without boundaries. Allow yourself to feel clarity and peace in terms of beginning the next year of your journey. A lot of us are at major turning points in our lives, and it is important we stick together, take care of ourselves, and nurture our mind, body, and soul. Be gentle, be kind, be positive, to yourself and others. The theme of the year is HARDWORK, ACTION, DISCIPLINE, AND BALANCE! Making the most of this energy NOW sets the tone for the entire year, so please, use it wisely!

Crystals that will help during this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn include: Moonstone (any kind but especially black), Sodalite, Peridot, Red Jasper, Ruby, Garnet, Emerald, Bloodstone, Citrine, and Tourmaline!

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