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Astrology Forecast: Go with the Flow this Pisces Season & Super Full Moon in Virgo

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Ahhh, Pisces season... honestly, one of my most favorite transits! I always feel so creative, connected, and magical. Represented by a fish, Pisces is a water sign, fluid in nature, and thus emotional, intuitive, and flexible. The sign of Pisces is known as being intuitive, emotional, imaginative, dreamy, compassionate, romantic, seductive, creative, adaptable, and mystical, but also self-defeating/pitying, manipulative, irrational, lazy, prone to escapism, indecisive, spiteful, temperamental, and stubborn. As a mutable sign, they have a knack for transformation and adaptability, especially when they feel intuitively inclined to do so.

Pisces season ranges from February 18th until the morning of March 20th, and is the last season before the Astrological New Year on the evening of March 20th, the Spring Equinox, Ostara, and the beginning of Aries Season! So, being the last astrological season before the Astrological New Year, this season is all about closure, endings, healing, and expanding your consciousness!

The signs can be looked at in successive order as a timeline, an evolutionary scale, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. It is often said that every sign cannot exist without the sign before it; in terms of qualities, lessons, and behaviors. The signs also consecutively rule the 12 houses that represent areas of life, all of which we have personal placements that dictate how we function in these areas.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT to say that all Aries are the least evolved, and all Pisces are the most evolved. I know some high vibration, spiritual, and conscious Aries, and some egoic, low vibration, and unconscious Pisces. All individuals of any sign can be operating consciously or unconsciously, out of fear or love, ego driven patterns or conscious presence. You may have heard the terms developed or undeveloped—for example, an undeveloped Scorpio is vindictive, jealous, and obsessive, where as a developed Scorpio is caring, altruistic, and accepting. It all depends on the work that person has done in terms of self-awareness and self-actualization. All signs exist within everyone, we are more than just our sun signs, and we all have the same potential for conscious operation and spiritual awakening.

But looking at the signs successively and symbolically: Aries rules sense of self, ego, aggression, and action, Taurus rules possessions and the home, Gemini is rules communication and intellect, Cancer rules emotions, intuition, and family, Leo rules creativity and friendships, Virgo rules work ethic and health, Libra rules partnerships, marriage, and social relations, Scorpio rules sex and transformation, Sagittarius rules philosophy and education, Capricorn rules career and life path, Aquarius rules abstract thought and ideals, and Pisces rules spirituality, magic, intuition, and consciousness (These signs, in this order, represent houses one through twelve.)

Because of this, a huge theme of Pisces season is working to elevate your consciousness and raise your vibration! As Pisces is the final evolutionary step in terms of human consciousness, it is the sign for uncovering subconscious thoughts and blocks, healing our minds and hearts, awakening spiritual truths, and taking the form of our Highest Divine Expression.

Throughout Pisces Season we may be feeling scatterbrained, and like our head is in the clouds. The best way to deal with this is by getting creative! Make art, music, dance, sing, write poetry, cook meals without recipes… anything to raise your vibration to one of creative expression and freedom! Pisces do not handle rigidity and structure very well, and getting creative will aid in straightening out the haze in your brain.

The emphasis from now until the end of Pisces season is learning to relinquish your desire to control, quit swimming upstream, and trust that The Universe has your back. Going with the flow requires FAITH that the Universe is supporting you. It’s terrifying to take leaps when you cannot see where you will land, or when you are waiting for the right time… the right time is now! And your unbridled trust in the Universe will carry you safely to your destination, and the manifestation of your dreams.

On February 19th, the day after Pisces season begins, the night sky is illuminated by the biggest and brightest Super Moon of the year! This is the closest the Moon will be to Earth in all of 2019, which will undoubtedly amplify the effects and the lessons we are being called to learn.

This Super Full Moon takes place in Virgo, the sign opposite of Pisces. The sign of Virgo rules health and work. Virgo is known for being responsible, loyal, altruistic, creative, health-oriented, analytical, neat, intuitive, communicative, and shy, but also critical, worrisome, controlling, nosy, suspicious, and prone to nagging. This sign tends to overthink and be extremely hard on themselves, both attributes you may be afflicted with before, during, and after this Super Moon. It is important to be gentle with yourself, and give yourself love and space to heal. You cannot hate yourself into a version of yourself that you love. Watch that criticism, and rewrite your brain to say “Yes, ___ is an issue that I need to work on, but I am only human! I make mistakes! At least I am conscious of these mistakes, and am actively working on changing my ways. I am grateful for this self-awareness and my ability to transform.”

Remember the two crazy eclipses we had back in January? You best not forget, because I will be referencing them all year—this energy and the lessons we learned from these eclipses are still integrating. Our lives were violently shaken up, and we were called to observe and release thoughts and beliefs that we knew were holding us back. If you haven’t read these two blogs, you can find them here and here (You don’t need to read them to understand this Full Moon in Virgo energy, but they offer a lot of information in terms of how to identify and heal outdated beliefs, patterns, and thoughts). As this eclipse energy is integrating, more blocks may have risen in terms of learning these lessons and following through with rewriting the script! This Super Moon in Virgo offers us clarity and a fresh perspective on how we can better integrate these lessons and thus live more in line with our truth!

As the sign of Virgo is all about health, this Super Full Moon is specifically calling us to observe our physical wellness to see where we need an upgrade. Are we eating enough fruits and vegetables? Moving stretching, and connecting with our bodies? Taking in anything in excess, or depriving ourselves of nutrients? Identify areas in which you could give your body more love. It is likely you may have some ideas… but now is the time to listen to what else you could be doing, and come up with a plan to implement change.

For me, my physical health is a massive area in my life that has been neglected. I wasn’t taught what a healthy lifestyle was as a kid, we lived on frozen food and mac & cheese, and to this day I still struggle with eating a balanced diet and committing to exercise. Many of these bad habits have been brought to light over the last few years, and I have been working to make lasting change in this realm. I quit eating meat because it doesn’t feel right sitting in my belly... but realized that being vegetarian means you have to eat VEGETABLES, so I have been making the transition from omnivore, to carbitarian, to vegetarian. I really hate exercise, and recognized some deep-seated traumas in this realm that I inherited from gym class (story time: being the slowest and most out of shape often made me a victim to bullying by the prepubescent jock boys, who gave me 3 concussions playing dodge ball, AND one time my gym teacher made me lead the group circuits because he knew I couldn’t do push-ups, and when I failed miserably and with humiliation, he and everyone else laughed at me :(by making this connection, I observed that I equated exercise with defeat and humiliation and have been working to change that belief).

But even with this awareness, I am still struggling in the realm of physical health! For example, every day I eat a veggie wrap for lunch, but I usually only eat one fruit a day. I seldom eat dinner. I make sure to do a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga when I wake up and 15 minutes before bed, but rarely do any cardio or strength training. I eat Taco Bell and ice cream 3-5 times a week. I drink more coffee than I should, and I smoke weed every day, and I am a chocoholic. I also stuff my face without presence, and sometimes without breathing or fucking chewing!! Like what!!!!! (another story: I threw up whole macaroni noodles over the summer and was traumatized like how did I just swallow them whole—because I was scarfing, that’s why.)

So, I am working to devise a plan to overcome these habits. I'm setting small, measurable goals: I have been running a mile 3 times a week. While running, everything hurts and I want to die, but afterwards I notice that I have more energy and I am less out of breath. I intend to do my abdominal circuit, squats, and arm exercises 5 times a week. Yoga for an hour a day, broken up over the course of the day. I am trying to have AT LEAST one fruit and one vegetable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The hardest part for me to overcome is to quit mindlessly binging, especially on sugar and carbs (and Taco Bell). I feel like it's tied to a deeper issue, and I am hoping this Full Moon will bring me some clarity and healing to my relationship with food. For now, all I can do is add intention and presence to my dining experiences. Taking time and energy to make my meals with intention, to PRAY over my food, thank the Source, the Universe, the Great Spirit for providing me with this meal, and the nourishment it provides. And then to taste, fucking CHEW, enjoy, and swallow. That's all I can realistically do with the resources I have at this time. Ya know?