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Astrology Forecast: Gemini Full Moon ~ Clarity, Creativity, and Staying Sane

The moon travels through a 28 days cycle that begins as a new moon, waxes to a full moon, and then wanes back to a new moon. During this cycle the moon passes through each of the 12 zodiac signs, remaining in each for roughly 2.5 days. The moon also travels through yearly cycles as well, for each zodiac sign. The yearly cycle begins on a new moon, let’s say, a New Moon in Aries, which would take place during Aries season in March. New Moons always occur in the same sign that the sun is in during that time. This cycle peaks on the Full Moon in Aries, which will occur 6 months later, during the sun season of the sign that opposes Aries, aka Libra season. Aries and Libra are polar opposites in the astrological wheel and in personality traits. This opposition is what makes full moons so intense. The Aries cycle will end, and begin again, on the next Aries New Moon during Aries season in March. The April New Moon in Taurus during Taurus season will spark the Taurus cycle… and so forth. This happens for every astrological sign on every New Moon—whatever sign the New Moon is in, determines the sign of the cycle. All of the cycles overlap, yes, but there are common themes associated with each sign and season that represent each facet of life; Aries has to do with action, Taurus with finances and security, Gemini with communication… Paying attention to these cycles is a great tool for self-recognition and transformation!

So in the case of this lunar cycle: This Full Moon is in Gemini, therefore we are at the peak of the Gemini Cycle. The Full Moon in Gemini occurs during Sagittarius season, the sign opposite Gemini. The New Moon in Gemini happened back in June, during Gemini season. Reflect on what was going on in your life back in June, and take note on any reoccurring themes and issues that were occurring during that time that are still present today. Full Moons are about release, so the opportunity to move on and grow from these circumstances is activated during this time!

I like to make a point to take note of the astrological happenings in my journal, so that I may revisit the feelings and lessons I was experiencing at that time. These are usually themes of the cycle that are highlighted, and have heightened opportunity for healing. The first step in transformation is recognition of what needs changed, and it’s easier to discover and keep track of personal patterns and progress when you write in a journal.


Geminis often get a bad rap for being obnoxious, two-faced, and over-talkative, but this sign is insanely complex and, let me tell ya, not all bad! The constellation of Gemini is a set of twins, and is represented by “The Lovers” card in tarot. This sign is all about duality: the balance of good and evil, light and ego, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. This is why Geminis often come off as overwhelming and all over the place—it’s like two halves of a person, wrapped up in one, expressing both sides all at once!

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and the mind, Geminis spend a lot of time trapped in their heads, and tend to spew exactly what they think, when they think it. This blunt, scattered, “staccato” way of speaking, and their tendencies to manipulate others to get what they want, is what gives Geminis their bad rap. But this sign is also known for being creative, communicative, extremely expressive, moody, quick-witted, intellectual, mildly selfish and shallow, social, inconsistent, charming, magical,' and independent. You may be feeling all these things during this full moon!

There are many reasons this full moon is so potent, the most influential reason being that it will further activate the energies of Mercury Retrograde. As I mentioned earlier: Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet, AND Mercury is in Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposing sign… what a doozy! There is an excessive amount of volatile energy in this activation, and for this reason, you will want to make an extra effort to THINK before you SPEAK, and BREATHE before you REACT! You can read more about Mercury Retrograde >here!<

Full moons always bring clarity into your life, as the moon is quite literally shining light into the shadows of the night. This particular full moon will reveal truths about our direction in life. As I mentioned in my Mercury Retrograde blog post, we are being called to observe and reassess the direction we are headed, in order to make sure it is still aligned with our beliefs, ideals, and goals.

After this extremely transformative and healing Venus Retrograde and Scorpio season, we must stop and soak up everything that has been revealed to us in the last two months. The transformations have been occurring so quickly, we may have not even noticed how much we have changed! We have been working hard at healing old wounds and shedding our skins to become the best version of ourselves we can be. New potentials have been realized, new ideas have been birthed and are ready for exploration. It is important to get familiar with who we are, what we want, and what our priorities are, in order to make sure our vision is aligned with our fresh ideals and beliefs. The entirety of Mercury Retrograde will be directed at this process, but you can expect this full moon to shed significant light onto these truths, so that we may see them for all that they are.

There are a few more aspects that increase the potency of this Full Moon in Gemini, like the fact that it occurs the on the first day of Sagittarius season. This amplifies the intensity of the solar switch from the deep, murky waters of alchemical Scorpio to optimistic and philosophical fires of social Sagittarius. As you read in the little description above, Sagittarius is Gemini’s opposing sign. This is what makes all full moons so powerful—they are always in the opposite sign as the Sun, which causes friction and intensity for us here on Earth.

Not only does this full moon occur on the first day of Sagittarius season, it occurs in 0 degrees Gemini! This means that the moon has literally JUST shifted into Gemini from Taurus, just as the sun has BARELY shifted into Sag and out of Scorpio… of course, this adds to abrupt and somewhat violent shift in the cosmos. But fear not! In numerology, zero represents infinite creativity and opportunity. It is the number from which all other numbers came, it is all and nothing at once, it is whole and also void… there is SO MUCH potential wrapped up in this full moon! Be open to opportunities that may come your way. Channeling this energy into creative pursuits will open up your consciousness to intuitive flashes and Universal wisdom. Journaling, specifically stream of conscious writing, is a fantastic way to do this!

Because of the tense, capricious, abrasive energy that comes with this full moon, the truths that may be revealed during this time have the potential to be painful and difficult to address. This will be a perfect test on remaining calm during the storm! If you listen to what the Universe has to say with an open heart and mind, and view this knowledge as a GIFT, you will be at peace. The Universe wants to see you succeed, and is giving you the information you need to thrive Whether this feedback is positive or negative, take it at face value, without expectation, and with gratitude. Geminis have a talent for emotional detachment, so channel this energy in order to release your attachment to outcomes and situations. This will make this full moon significantly more peaceful and productive for you.

Again, the Universe wants you to succeed! All you have to do is remain open to her wisdom, accept with gratitude, and apply it appropriately. Make a point to keep a cool head; think before you speak and act. Take time to care for yourself, rest, and recharge. Create art. Express yourself. And most importantly, celebrate how far you have come in your beautiful transformation!

Crystals that will help during this Full Moon include ANYTHING BLUE, specifically Blue Apatite, and Chalcedony, Agate, Carnelian, Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, and Chrysoprase.

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