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Astrology Forecast: COSMIC MARCH MADNESS ~ Pisces New Moon, Mercury Rx, and Uranus in Taurus

Huge shifts are happening in the cosmos right now and the energy is chaotic and intense! Although we have been in the shadow period for about a week now, Mercury Retrograde in Pisces officially begins on March 5th, and dives deep into our subconscious until March 28th. Then, on March 6th, there is a New Moon in Pisces AND Uranus finally makes the shift into Taurus for the next 6 years, marking this day the beginning of a HUGE new cycle felt throughout the whole collective! This combination of this energy makes for a volatile, erratic start to the month of March, but by the end of this month you will be able to look back at this time and see the undercurrent of energy that is at play, and notice the significant changes on a personal and global level. One thing is for sure: total transformation is ensuing, we are elevating and evolving, and life as we know it is changing. It’s up to us to make this change for the better.

The cosmic atmosphere is ripe for deep change on a spiritual, molecular, and karmic level. After the January eclipses and the February Super Moon, we were shown all of the places we are holding ourselves back, we were shown who we can be if we commit to our Highest Divine Truth, and we have been laying the groundwork in building our realities for quite some time.

As we are in the middle of Pisces season, the last season of the Astrological Year, we are wrapping up a year-long cycle that has been taking place since last March. Think back to who and where you were March 2018, and celebrate this growth! Many intense events and thus transformations have occurred since then, so take time to notice and appreciate how you have come out on top of every situation that has been thrown your way, and evolved for the better.

Now is the final push of this transformation before we begin this next chapter. With Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, we are being called to reassess and redefine our goals, what is important to us, and if all these things are in line with our Highest Divine Expression, our deepest spiritual paths and truths. What is standing in the way between you and your ultimate, evolved form? This month also has a heavy emphasis on sharpening your intuition and other psychic abilities, as well as nurturing your creative side and building a solid foundation that works towards bringing your ideas to life!

So, what even is a retrograde? When Earth’s orbit crosses the orbit of another planet, it appears to be moving backwards from Earth. It’s sort of like when you are sitting in a parked car, and the car next to you starts reversing, causing you feel like you are rolling forward. Just like that, but with planets! So when a planet goes into retrograde, we are called to slow down and look within, and observe & reassess whatever it is that planet rules!

Mercury is the planet of communication, coordination, and the mind. It rules travelling and technology as well, which is why when Mercury goes into retrograde, it is said that we are more likely to have more miscommunications, get into traffic delays and accidents, and have technology fail us or break entirely. It is not a time to make major purchases or decisions, plan vacations, start a new business or relationship, or sign contracts. You’re likely to feel sluggish, mentally hazy, disconnected, and even emotionally volatile during this time. This is where all the negative stigma comes from.

HOWEVER! Retrogrades are a great time to check in with yourself to make sure your beliefs, thoughts, actions, mental structures, and relationships are in line with your best interests. The way you communicate and your current direction are likely to be brought into question. You are being asked to examine the WHY… WHY do you believe, act, and communicate this way? Why are you moving forward with the path you have chosen? Is this in line with who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to go?

Typically, Mercury Retrograde is not a time to put in work on projects or make moves towards the achievement big goals. This Mercury Rx is unique in this sense, because it is the perfect time for behind the scenes work, especially if this work involves being creative!

Something special about all the Mercury Retrogrades taking place in 2019: all 3 are taking place in the 3 water signs ~ first in Pisces, then Cancer, then Scorpio. Water signs are all about deep, tumultuous emotions, intuition & psychic abilities, communicating with the Universe, creativity, and soul connections. This year, we are being called to sharpen our intuition and our connection with the cosmos, to FEEL our feelings instead of trying to logic through them, and to CREATE!

So as Mercury Retrograde pokes and prods us in all the places we are choosing to ignore, the most perfect way to sort through all these resurfacing feelings is to nurture your creative side and express yourself! Paint, draw, write poetry, jam on your favorite instruments, dance, sing, sew, cook… anything that helps you to turn off your mind and open your heart, anything that allows your feelings to come forth and your soul to manifest into the physical realm.

This type of boundless creativity will also strengthen your intuition, and teach you how to connect with ease and accuracy as well! This is because both activities bring your brain from the active, buzzing beta waves, to calm, lucid alpha waves, to meditative, peaceful theta waves; theta waves being the best for deepened meditation, enhanced psychic strength, and peaceful connection to The Source. You are more likely to receive intuitive flashes and cosmic downloads when your brain is in this state. Science!

So we have Mercury Retrograde in Pisces adding a thick haze over the otherwise erratic and intense shifts taking place during the beginning of March, but will ultimately allow for these shifts to integrate deeper and more effectively. I feel like this is happening so that we can slowly ease into these transitions, and while it may add extra confusion and anxiety at times, it will give us a frame of reference when we look back on our total transformation once this madness quiets down!

Just remember to take time for yourself when you can: stay hydrated & rest and recharge as much as possible. This transit is extremely emotional, and has very sleeeepy vibes to it… so please, take care of yourselves! Things will lighten up with the Astrological New Year on March 20th, and the end of Mercury Rx on March 28th, but until then, patience and rest are key!

Now, this New Moon in Pisces on March 6th is unlike any other New Moon for a couple reasons. Usually New Moons are way chiller than Full Moons, but this New Moon is laced with nervous energy and erraticism, urging us to banish all blocks standing in our way & create a life of magic and wonder for ourselves. You may feel the cosmic buzzing under your skin already!

As I mentioned before, we are still integrating the mega-transformations from the January eclipses and the February Super Moon, and will be continuing to integrate these things throughout Mercury Retrograde. It is likely that this New Moon will offer us a fresh perspective on things that we have been trying to learn for some time now, and shed some insight on blocks that are in our way.

This New Moon is not the best time for setting long term goals, as it takes place one day after Mercury Retrograde begins. Save these goals for the Aries New Moon mid-April. However, think about what it is you want to manifest, and how achievement of this manifestation will make you FEEL. If you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle, how does that feel? If you want to manifest a new relationship, what sort of things do you want this relationship to make you FEEL? If you want to be a millionaire, what will this money make you FEEEEEL?!

Close your eyes….identify the feeling, and then feel it! Focus on the FEELINGS you want to come along with your best life, and think of ways to cultivate these feelings for yourself every day. Big emphasis on feelings, can you tell?!?!! Feelings and emotions carry a special vibration that is extra magnetic, and aligning with this vibration can draw your manifestations closer to you!

So for me, my goal is to open up a metaphysical sanctuary and shop—what will the achievement of this goal feel like? Opening a store will make me feel fulfilled, empowered, and at peace… feel these things. What’s it like to feel fulfilled? The permanent smile on my lips and the fullness in my cheeks. What’s it like to feel empowered? Feel the confidence in my belly that carries me throughout the day. What’s it like to feel at peace? Feel the space in my shoulder blades from the lack of stress & tension, because everything is working out perfectly and I am my own boss! Now, make a plan to feel these emotions every day. I can cultivate fulfillment by expressing gratitude for the successes I have with my online store and platforms. Visualize these outlets carrying me to further success. I can cultivate empowerment by living empowered, doing things that fill me up, and aligning my thoughts, beliefs, and actions with that of confidence, positivity, and uplifting inspiration. I can cultivate peace by staying organized and on top of my tasks, and by taking breaks to stretch and take care of my body. And if you notice, all of the ways to cultivate these feelings will physically bring me closer to my goals.