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Astrology Forecast: Blue Moon in Libra and Taurus Season

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Remember how we had a Libra Full Moon on March 20th, the first day of Aries season, aka the Spring Equinox aka the literal day of balance, and it was magical as hell? If you don’t remember, read my blog about it here!

Because this first Libra Full Moon was on the Astrological New Year, there was a heavy theme of new beginnings, even though full moons typically represent culmination, insight, and release (versus new moons representing new beginnings and fresh starts)…. WELL, this new beginning energy coupled with the fact that there are two Libra Full Moons in a row, means that the first Full Moon opened a gateway that spans until THIS upcoming Libra Full Moon on April 19th.

Anything we tried to initiate on the Astrological New Year and the following New Moon in Aries, any goals or intentions we set, were power packed with cosmic magic that was highly vibrational and, frankly, unstoppable. To boost this Universal support, we needed a period of hyperawareness on anything that may be blocking us from the manifestations of these goals and intentions. BOOM, Libra Full Moon gateway.

Since Libra, represented by a set of scales, is all about BALANCE, the highlight has been on anything throwing us out of equilibrium, whether habits, beliefs, or relationships. Especially imbalances keeping us from living our best lives.

That’s the emphasis on this upcoming Libra Full Moon—take what you have learned in the last month in terms of, what is holding you back from achieving everything you desire? And RELEASE! Observe any reoccurring situations that may have arisen in the last month—there you will probably find clues as to what needs to go.

Specifically, Libra is a sign of partnerships and relationships. This Full Moon is calling you to take stock of all your relationships, specifically ones that are out of balance. These don’t have to be relationships with other humans, but with money, food, your job, yourself. What needs released before you can thrive?

EXAMPLE: As you may remember from the past several blog posts, I have been working super hard at balancing my physical being by healing my relationship with food. I did a banishing spell on some deeply ingrained habits on the Libra Full Moon in March, and then set some new intentions on the New Moon in Aries, in an attempt to rewrite these beliefs.

But all month I kept falling back into old habits, habits that have been in total control of my being since I was a kid. And I have been feeling the effects of relapsing harder and deeper, every time, whether it be uncontrollable apathy, impenetrable mental fog, and deep self-loathing. All of which were present before this gateway, but manageable and easier to ignore.

There has been a common theme in every “relapse”—a deep, unfathomable sadness and a particularly nasty point of view towards myself. Guilt, shame, and hatred. I have always know that this was present, but never FELT the depths or grasped the gravity behind this habit, these feelings. All have came to light within the last month. Because of this, I know where I need to focus my healing energy—not on the relationship with food itself, but the aching that I try to fix with toxic food. This will be my focus of release on this upcoming, April 19th Libra Full Moon.

The day after this Full Moon marks the first day of Taurus season, and what could be more perfect after an intense release and sworn commitment to better ourselves and achieve our Highest Divine Reality!?

Taurus, represented by the bull, is a sign of deep dedication, loyalty, and hard, steadfast work. The perfect energy to channel into healing our imbalances and committing ourselves to integrity and growth! Practical and grounded, this sign craves stability and comfort, work with their hands, and creative pursuits. Taurus in excess can be extremely stubborn, homebodied, hedonistic, uncompromising, and possessive.

While the Sun shifts into this hardworking, practical sign, we have Mercury and Venus shifting into Aries, a passionate hellion of action and energy, shortly after. This combination of fiery motivation and steadfast commitment to growth is the perfect recipe for lasting, positive change and manifestation of your dreams!

Use this time wisely: the Libra Full Moon gateway to observe imbalanced relationships, and release the corresponding belief. Sun in Taurus to heal, love, and rewrite. To build a new and better reality. And use Mercury and Venus in Aries to fuel building this reality, to put these new beliefs into action, and to shine brighter than ever before.

There are a few planetary retrogrades beginning this month as well: Jupiter went retrograde on April 10th, Pluto begins retrograde on the 24th, and Saturn begins on the 29th! Make sure you follow me on Instagram for updates on these events:)

Happy healing, and happy manifesting!

Crystals that will help with these transits…..

Libra Full Moon ~ Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Peridot, Pietersite, Citrine, Lepidolite, Kyanite

Taurus Season~ Emerald, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite, Kyanite, Lapis Lazuli, Jade, Ruby in Fuschite or Zoisite, Moss Agate

Use red and orange stones, like Carnelian, Jaspers, or Fire Opal, in combination with those listed above in order to fuel your healing and intentions with Aries fire!

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