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WE ARE ALMOST THERE FAM…. We have charted the tumultuous waters of Pisces Season for what seems like eons, with SO many emotional ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and as long as we have successfully navigated these waves, and put in the work to heal the roots of these triggers, we will be blessed with all the abundance of Aries season, the beginning of the Astrological New Year, on March 20th/21st! Mercury is still in Retrograde in the sign of Pisces, so it may take a moment to really feel like we have reached our new beginning, but there is undoubtedly a lightness in the air that has been lacking for the last month. There is also a Libra Full Moon on the same day, which heightens our ability to see and purge the rest of what we no longer need from the last year, things that have been throwing us out of balance and keeping our vibrations wonky and off kilter!

I personally get more excited for the Astro New Year than I do the calendar New Year… marked by the Spring Equinox, the first day of spring, this day just FEELS like a fresh, new beginning. This day is also celebrated as the Pagan Sabbat “Ostara”, making it all around a day of magic and appreciation of the Natural World. It is a time for honoring fertility, celebrating the return of the sun, and planting seeds, figuratively AND literally! I love to celebrate the Spring and Fall Equinoxes by going outside and walking barefoot in the woods! Be sure to check out my Instagram on Wednesday morning for more info on Ostara, and how to celebrate this sacred day.

The term Equinox refers to how there are equal parts light and dark throughout the day—so from this point on, the sun will begin to shine longer and brighter as summer approaches! Hallelujah! Before this, though, we must appreciate the balance of light and dark, and express our gratitude for what the darkness of winter has taught us—to sit with our shadow selves and connect with our darkness, to face our demons with courage, to get comfy with the parts of ourselves we would rather hide—all which have been prevalent themes this winter, and especially during this past Mercury Retrograde. It definitely hasn’t been the most enjoyable experience, but hopefully you have learned a lot about yourself, and fallen in love with some of the darker things your shadow self has to offer. Just because it’s “darkness” doesn’t mean it’s inherently bad—our shadow self is where our intuition comes from, our unseen magical qualities, our secrets and qualities that make us unique and mystical beings. Honor this side of yourself, celebrate the light’s return, and make a point to manifest balance of the two in your day to day actions from this point on!

Marking the first day of Aries season, the Astrological New Year breathes fiery light into our lives that our souls have been craving all winter: the natural world is waking up and so are we! All winter we have been identifying and healing things holding us back, and now we are ready to take on the world and implement lasting change to these issues! Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are often leaders and the first to start something new—however, short attention spans often lead to these new ventures being abandoned shortly after they begin. This is something to be wary of as we enter this season, so be sure anything you are trying to implement is something you REALLY WANT, something you want so bad that you KNOW you will stay focused and motivated in achieving! As I mentioned before, this is a great time for planting new seeds, but in combination with the Full Moon in Libra, use this time to start anew on old tasks you may have put on the back burner, or things you may have learned more about and needed to revisit before continuing. The passion of Aries season is unmatched and can fuel your dreams unlike any other cosmic energy, so be sure you are spending your time and attention wisely! What would you like to accomplish in a year? Save completely new ventures for the upcoming Aries New Moon!

In Greek Mythology, Ares is the God of War—the zodiac sign is no different. This sign is a fiery, passionate crusader, willing to fight for everything they believe in! Action is their middle name, often times without thought. Aries is fiercely protective of who and what they love, defender of all things just, and did I mention EXTREMELY PASSIONATE? This sign is driven, motivated, courageous, enthusiastic, confident, and PURE FIRE! They can also be stubborn, brash, explosive, and emotional. Be sure to take even just ONE moment to think before you speak and act, to take deep breaths when you get hit with intense feelings, and to be sure to take frequent breaks and not overwork yourself.

Overall, the Sun’s shift into this sign will have us all feeling motivated to tackle what it is we feel we need to accomplish, to implement into our lives. Personally, this winter I have been wrestling with my physical health and how I treat my body—as you know if you have read previous blog posts. In the last week, I have received massive clarity on deep seated beliefs I have in this realm, as well as ideas for measurable steps to take in rewriting these beliefs. It is likely that while Mercury is still in Retrograde, we will continue to receive flashes of insight that relate to things we need to release as the New Year begins.

Another cosmic event that will highlight things that are throwing us out of balance—the Libra Full Moon! The fact that this Equinox takes place on the same day as a Libra Full Moon is absolutely magical—as Libra is represented by a set of scales—aka, BALANCE, AKA BALANCE OF LIGHT AND DARK!!!!! And Full Moons are all about release—so what has been tipping the scale in your life? What habit, action, belief, is throwing your life out of balance? It doesn’t have to be something crazy—maybe you play on your phone to much, so you neglect your real life social relationships, or your mental health by not healthily exercising your brain and always comparing yourself to others. Take a moment to reflect, read over past journal entries, and see if you can identify something you do, feel, or believe that makes you feel not so great. Use this Full Moon energy to release this belief, and begin rewriting the script in your brain to support your Highest Divine Expression.

To relate back to my ongoing example: I have implemented healthy meals and exercise into my life, but I still use sweets as a rewards when I do well at ANYTHING! This goes back to my childhood: I always got M&M’s and Skittles when I didn’t fight with my sister, when I used the big girl potty, when I ate all my veggies… now: when I got a new job—ice cream. Went on a ballin’ hike and had a great day—ice cream. Finished a huge project—ice cream. Had a bad day—ice cream. No matter how healthy I eat, how long or intensive I work out… my ice cream addiction is tipping the scales, LITERALLY! You know what makes me feel like shit??? ICE CREAM! I always say “I DESERVE THIS”…. Eat ice cream…. Feel like shit. Is this what I deserve? NO!!! I deserve to feel healthy, strong, and nourished. I recognize this habit of binge eating, and this BELIEF that I deserve sweets, aka I deserve to feel like shit, is throwing my physical health, and thus entire being, out of balance.

So I have recognized this belief and am rewriting it as such: “I deserve to feel healthy, strong, and nourished.” I am using visualization techniques to stop binge eating, implementing a few magic drinks that boost metabolism and curb cravings, and creating meals that not only taste delicious and partially satisfy my sweet tooth (sweet potatoes are my bff), but also nourish my body and keep me feeling full, strong, and happy. I intend to work towards healing and releasing the habit of binge eating, a habit that has plagued both sides of my families for generations, and rewrite the ancestral belief that sugar fixes problems.

I’m sure that the remainder of Mercury Retrograde will have more insights for me in this realm, in terms of beliefs and habits that I may not even be aware of at this moment in time. I am CERTAIN that this Full Moon in Libra will help me release these beliefs as they arise. And I am EXCTIED for the Astrological New Year & the start of Aries Season to give me the fiery motivation I need to kick ass and take names, in terms of allllll the wonderful things I am trying to accomplish, both personally and with Metamorphic Forest. I am excited for y’all to experience all these things as well!

I hope this blog shed some light onto the upcoming cosmic events, and that you feel ready to take on the world as the New Year beings! Be sure to keep your eyes on my Instagram, because I will be posting more helpful hints, tips, and tricks on my feed and in my story, as well as an Aries season launch and hopefully a big announcement >:] Happy Spring, my loves!

Cover art by Mary DeVoy, check out her magnificent paint pours on Instagram at @marydpaints !

Crystals that will help…

Spring Equinox: Peridot, Sunstone, Jasper, Green Aventurine, Agate, Chrysocolla, Malachite, Citrine, Kyanite, anything green!

Libra Full Moon: Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Bloodstone, Citrine, Lepidolite, Opal, Kyantie, Chrysoprase, Dioptase, Rhodonite, Selenite, and all Agates

Aries Season: Clear Quartz, Rhodonite, Carnelian, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Citrine, Emerald, Jade, Jasper, AMAZONITE, and all Aventurines

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