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Astrology Forecast: Aries New Moon Magic for Creating Your Reality!

How ‘bout that Mercury Retrograde y’all? If you didn’t notice, I fell completely off the face of the Earth for a minute… but I am absolutely blown away by the amount of epiphanies I have been hit with since Mercury went direct on March 28th! The epiphanies will keep coming as long as Mercury is still in Pisces until April 17th, alongside Venus and Neptune. Pay attention to ALL of your feelings, especially the negative ones—they usually have a lesson for you!

With these 3 planets all in mystical, magical Pisces (and the Moon in Pisces until the 5th!), the best way to tap into your intuition this week is by getting creative! Allow your brain to align with a cool, calm, meditative vibration by doing something you love and expressing yourself. You can read more about this here!

Anyways, the bulk of these intuitive flashes will occur in the days leading up to the Aries New Moon on April 5th! This is the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year, and therefore a PRETTY. BIG. DEAL. With Mercury Rx on our tails, we are being called to release everything that no longer serves us before this new beginning; everything holding us back from living our Highest Divine Reality, everything weighing on our spirits and in our hearts, everything standing between us and this new cycle about to begin, everything keeping our wildest dreams from coming true!

You probably have an idea about what these blocks are. Closely observe and reflect on the major themes of Mercury Retrograde—this is why I tell ALL’A’Y’ALL to keep a journal! Take whatever major themes arose during Mercury Retrograde and devise a plan to release the negative aspects, and rewrite your beliefs to support you, your best life, and the collective.

This New Moon in Aries is infused with MEGA POWERFUL manifestation power! As I described in my last blog post, Aries might be the most passionate sign of the zodiac. They will stand up and fight for what they believe, want, and love, no matter the consequences. Hardheaded, driven, and passionate, once Aries’ mind is set on something, they get tunnel vision, and believe and create it into existence. I think this is why Aries are such pros at manifesting—they will put all their energy into making what they want a reality, and believe it is rightfully theirs and on the way to them with their whole heart.

Tap into this energy for yourself with this New Moon! You know what is standing in your way from your dreams coming true—so get rid of that, and focus on what brings you closer to you best life. Use the Mercury, Venus, and Neptune in Pisces to day dream about what this life looks like, use Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to devise a plan, and use the Aries fire to set this plan in motion. Where do you want to be in 6 months? 1 year? Dare to dream your wildest dreams. EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE IS IN YOUR REACH. You just have to show the Universe you want it. Remember: energy flows where attention goes! So use your attention wisely this weekend and let the Universe know what it is you want with DECISIVE ACTION AND GRATITUDE, and watch the blessings flow to you.

This is the time to plant seeds. This is the time to devise a plan. This is the time to ACT. The cosmos are supporting whatever it is you want! So go for it with full force, fire, and a fighting spirit. Abundance and success are your birth right, claim what is rightfully yours!

CRYSTALS FOR THE NEW MOON IN ARIES: Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Green Aventurine, Diamonds, Citrine, Bloodstone, Amethyst, and Fire Opal

Happy Manifesting!

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