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Astrology Forecast: Aquarius Season & New Moon

I have been getting so many requests for an Aquarius season blog post, and y’all…. I am INTIMIDATED! I have absolutely no Aquarius in my chart, and because of this, it is most definitely the sign I understand and connect with the least. There is no shortage of dominant Aquarians in my life, from my little sister, my father’s moon sign, and many of my closest friends have heavy Aquarius placements. I recently just put together that Aquarius is a fixed sign, along with Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo, all signs that I either vibe with HARD, or intensely clash with resulting in a metaphorical bloodbath. I am also realizing, that maybe I don’t fully understand the Aquarius nature because their complexity and aloof nature makes them, by definition, hard to understand! Y'all definitely the aliens of the zodiac. That being said, I will do my best at delivering to you a non-biased, informative article about the most elusive, enigmatic sign of the zodiac, AND tie in some post eclipse information as well!

Aquarians are known for being extremely intelligent and thought-oriented, always pondering the mysteries of life and the Universe. This sign is known for being humorous, inventive, independent, loyal, unique, creative, and altruistic. Aquarians are very good at seeing the bigger picture in terms of necessary changes that need to be made in a society to make it a better place for all inhabitants. Many Aquarians are highly idealistic and activists in their own right, and are avid fighters of social justice and world peace. Think Susan B. Anthony, Yoko Ono, Mieps Gies, Thomas Beatie, Ellen Degeneres, Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, and Oprah Winfrey. Martin Luther King Jr. is a Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, but we always celebrate his day of equality and activism during Aquarius season.

While Aquarians are very friendly, this sign seems to have an intimidating, distinct wall up in their communications that can make them hard to approach. This sign is very emotional, however they tend to logic through their feelings instead of just feeling them, which creates conflict within, and usually leads to disassociation and rejection of emotions. This has always been interesting to me, as almost every Aquarius I know has a knack for writing beautiful, amazing poetry, filled with emotional intelligence and colorful expression… So this sign definitely understands the emotions they feel through logic, and can be extremely eloquent and creative in their expression of these emotions, however detached from their emotions they may be. Aquarians are also unpredictable, aloof, stubborn, and distant. This sign also tends to be extremist when it comes to what they believe and the freedoms they demand. Often times, it is “their way or the highway.”

During Aquarius season, all of us, regardless of zodiac sign, may be feeling this way! We may be caught up on the flaws of our system, and have an intense longing to make a change for humanity. Many of you have come to me saying you feel dazed and detached, and this is normal for this season, especially because Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication just shifted into Aquarius as well. But because we started this season with this mega-intense Super Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, there is a heavy theme of creating a life that accurately depicts who we want to be, who we ARE underneath societal masks, social media, and ego. Aquarians are fiercely unique and in line with who they are as a person. We could all take a lesson from their authenticity and independence!

To start with living authentically, we must purge all physical and psychological junk that is standing in the way of who we want to be. We have been purging, purging, purging for some time, and this past lunar eclipse has really lit a fire under the asses of all that is holding us back! Purging the physical is easy—if we haven’t touched/worn it in a year, purge! If it doesn’t bring us joy when we see it or use it, PURGE! If it doesn’t support the person we want to be, you guessed it—PURGE!

The psychological purging is what takes time and deep healing to change, but hopefully the eclipse highlighted for you what beliefs and thought patterns need to go, and now you can make a plan of action to rewrite the script! I spoke a LOT about this in my last blog post, which you can find here if you haven’t read it already. I would highly recommend reading that before proceeding.

Basically, if you have limiting beliefs like “I don’t deserve success” “I don’t have enough ____ to do this” “I am not strong/smart/beautiful/personably/savvy enough to do ____”, IT’S GOTTA GO! You do this by catching yourself thinking this way, and saying “Hey! I DO deserve success, I have plenty of ___ to do this, I am ENOUGH do to anything I set my mind to!” It takes extreme awareness and discipline to take charge of the voice in your head and to change it for the better, but ultimately, this is your life & overall happiness and contentment with life we are talking about here, so it is most definitely a worthy mission to actively work towards.

Positive affirmations rewrite the script in your brain to think and act a new, better, more positive way. Words and thoughts are so powerful, and can literally change your physical reality and vibration. Try this: Look yourself in the mirror, into your eyes, and say “I am ugly.” Feel how SHITTY you feel! Feel the hatred collecting in your stomach and at the back of your throat. Your brow may furrow, tension collects in your shoulders… Now, look yourself in the eyes, with the loving adoration you would give a newborn baby smiling at you or a puppy strutting down the street, and say “I am beautiful.” Your eyes lighten, your pupils may even dialate, the tension in your shoulders and belly dissipate, and you may even smile softly to yourself and get a tingly feeling in your hands and chest. This is you, literally experiencing your vibration shifting from low to high.

If you watch all your thoughts, pick out the negative ones, and consciously rewrite them to be positive and uplifting, your life will change before your eyes. You can create the life you want to live by first creating it in your mind. Your thoughts will reflect in your speech and your actions. Your vibration rises, and you attract new situations, people, and things into your life that match your new, higher, positive vibration, which further affirms and strengthens the new, positive affirmation in your head! Example: “I am successful”, *acts successful, and smites all thoughts and actions that are not in line with your definition of success*, *vibration raises*, *successfully attracts situations that cause success, bringing more opportunities for success*, “Wow, I really am successful!”

Aquarius season is the perfect time to put emotional healing and work into action, because we can see our thoughts and emotions more objectively. This is a perk of the detached nature of Aquarius—we can view things with higher perspective, and see the bigger picture, especially in situations that are highly charged with emotions and personal attachment. We are able to understand this cyclical nature of our thoughts with more clarity, and understanding metaphysical energies & vibrations comes with ease during this intellectually heightened season.

Having personal attachment to outcomes is the number one cause of suffering, because if the outcome doesn’t go our way, we are slighted! We are immediately at a disadvantage because our hope & energy was invested in this attachment. We can apply this attachment to our beliefs as well, especially the deeply rooted and painful beliefs caused by trauma and abuse. If you are attached to the identity of being a victim, you will think like a victim, act like a victim, and constantly attract situations that strengthen your role as a victim.

I had such a headstrong, prevalent, and toxic victim mentality because of a situation that happened to me in my early teenage years. I was taught that I was unlovable and worthless. My abuser constantly called me a “piece of shit”, and looking back on journals from age 14-19, an overwhelming amount of the rhetoric directly states, “I am piece of shit.” I remember this sentence constantly playing over and over in my mind, coming up in arguments with people who genuinely were trying to help me—I would just wail “Well I am a piece of shit, so what do you expect!” I was choosing to act shitty, to manipulate others, and then my excuse would literally be “I am a piece of shit.” I sabotaged all of my relationships, I dated men who treated me like shit and cried “whyyyy is this happening to me!” When I was 21, a huge, rock-bottom induced incident opened my eyes to this deeply rooted belief that I was a victim. I saw how my belief I was a victim had influenced my actions, and how I attracted situations that strengthened the belief. I vowed to change this belief for myself, so that I could live the life I deserve. I started catching my negative self-talk and forced myself to rewrite the script, and after YEARS of working at really, truly, and genuinely loving myself, these new beliefs have taken over my mind and my actions, attracting situations of love, light, and success my way!

You don’t need a rock-bottom induced event to recognize your toxic beliefs, however it does usually make the change imminent and unavoidable. If you read this and something inside of you is triggered, use this Aquarian perspective to objectively observe your thoughts and see what comes up! When you get upset, ask yourself why. Chances are, you already have an idea of what toxic beliefs you have that are holding you back. Aquarius season is supercharged with the heightened power to transform your life. And when you change your life, you touch other people’s lives, sparking a domino effect of objective observation and awareness, deep healing, transformation, and ultimately, elevated consciousness! Transforming ourselves individually progresses the world further in terms of compassion and consciousness, which all plays into the Aquarian nature of humanitarian evolution.

The Aquarius New Moon takes place on February 4th and will be the cherry on top in terms of integrating the lessons we have learned since the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Leo. New Moons are the beginning of a new lunar cycle and represent new beginnings. The lunar cycle peaks on the Full Moon of the same sign, and then ends/re-begins on the New Moon in the same sign, one year later. So in the days leading up to this New Moon on Feb 4th, hash out what changes you would like to integrate and manifest by the Full Moon in Aquarius come August.

Changes in how you handle your emotions and how you react to triggers will be supported by this New Moon, as well as making the decision to commit to living authentically. This would be the time to lay the groundwork in terms of raising your vibration and elevating your consciousness on a daily basis. Cultivate the Aquarian discernment and perspective over your emotions in order to not be so taken by them. This isn’t to say “no bad days,” but learn how to not be so consumed by your emotions and bad days when they happen. We’re all just drops in the pond, maaan, day to day dramas don’t have to be so serious!