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Astrological Forecast: The Wild Weekend of Winter Solstice, Capricorn Season, & Full Moon in Cancer

I have been getting messages from you guys left and right asking why you feel so miserable and why so much crazy shit is happening….. Y'all buckle up and take notes. This guide outlines everything you need to know about the CLUSTERFUCK of energy buzzing around the cosmos as we approach this weekend of monumental shifts!

The reason this weekend is so powerful is because of the near-ancient astronomical phenomena, the Winter Solstice, taking place on Friday; and the final Full Moon of 2018 in Cancer on Saturday. Both of these astrological events resonate deeply with our Shadow Selves, and the necessary healing that must take place before the next cosmic shift of new beginnings!

The Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, marks the first day of winter and also, Capricorn season. There are two Solstices a year, and both of them represent a cosmic shift that signifies the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. It is the shortest day, and thus longest night of the year. As the darkness grows, we have been called to explore the shadows of our soul… but as this is the longest night of the year, every day hereafter the sun climbs higher and shines for longer! For this reasonl, Pagans celebrated Yule as the Rebirth of the Sun.

Yule has traditionally been celebrated by decorating the inside and outside of your home with holly, ivy, mistletoe, and evergreen boughs, lighting candles in threes, communing around a massive bonfire, caroling, feasting on dried fruits, decorating a Yule Tree, exchanging gifts of gratitude, and the burning of the Yule Log… as you are probably aware, many of these traditions are current practices of the Christian holiday Christmas!

As I mentioned before, the Winter Solstice also marks the beginning of Capricorn Season. Represented by the mountain goat, the sign of Capricorn has the ability to climb any mountain with steadfast calculations and cautious steps. This sign is known for being practical, wise, ambitious, driven, serious, hardworking, wealth/ business oriented, patient, stubborn, somewhat shy, self-centered, emotionally detached, and moody. Capricorn season is perfect for making moves professionally by putting in hard work towards your goals, and this will be highlighted by the New Moon in Capricorn taking place shortly after the New Year. BUT, with this energy paired with the Winter Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer, it is the perfect added element for taking stock on the unresolved conflicts you hold in your heart, and making a detailed, goal oriented plan to absolve these wounds.

For the past few months, old spirit wounds that need healing have been brought to the surface in order for us to recognize and release before entering the Winter Solstice gateway. This is naturally a painful process! Picture it like someone sticking their finger into a cut or bruise on your skin, digging around, and saying “Does this hurt?” You must your wounds, care for them, and allow them to heal by lovingly releasing your attachment to whatever story is associated with that wound.

The Winter Solstice is the perfect time to review the year you have had, and celebrate how much growth you have endured. When reviewing your year, think of all the situations you may have faced that were actually opportunities in disguise that arose in an attempt to help you recognize your Shadow Self. This is why I keep a journal—to review situations and my feelings towards them as time goes on. Notice how you feel about each theme or event--angry? Disheartened? Pain? Or peace? Acceptance? Gratitude? Your feelings will give you clues as to whether you are identifying with your past, or learning the lessons and releasing as needed. My favorite way to celebrate the Winter Solstice is by performing a ritual for releasing the old, and bringing in the new! You can find an outlined example of this ritual under my *Ritual* Highlight on Instagram. :) Hint: It involves FIRE!

Saturday’s Full Moon in Cancer pairs perfectly with this Solstice energy, because Full Moons are all about illuminating the truth within! After you review and celebrate your year on the Solstice, you can use this Full Moon to help you release the beliefs you may have discovered during your Shadow Work that have not been completely healed. This Full Moon has a heavy emphasis on endings, as it is the last lunar event of the year and also the last Cancer cycle before we enter the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse season! So not only will this Full Moon allow you to wrap up this year and let go of the excess weight before entering 2019, it may also offer clues as to what the next phase is bringing in terms of growth and healing.

The sign of Cancer is represented by the crab—soft and squishy on the inside, but protected by an outer shell! This is how many Cancers operate—as a highly emotional creature, they feel they must retreat into their shells when they feel threatened or vulnerable. If you feel weak or drained at any point during this weekend or even next week, do not be afraid to retreat within your shell! It is necessary to protect and nurture your energy, and you may be feeling called to do so during this Full Moon. The important thing is, that when you get inside your shell, you face the truths that are making you uncomfortable head on and work on shining love and light into these areas.

Cancers tend to be extremely intuitive and connected to the mystical realm. You can tune into this energy during this Full Moon by calming your mind and nurturing your feminine side! Journal, express, create… most importantly, LISTEN! Listen to your body, listen to your heart, listen to the Universe… all are cheering you on towards your success. Your intuition will be heightened during this time, and open yourself to the insight the Universe and Mother Moon is offering you. This would be a great time to connect with Divination tools like Tarot, Runes, pendulums, scrying, whatever it us you use to communicate with the SourceJ I will be doing a collective tarot reading on my Instagram on Saturday, so stay tuned for that!

As wild and emotional as this energy is, all it wants is for you to take action and harness your power by confronting your Shadow Self in order to make peace with yourself to heal your life!

So, what is your "Shadow Self"? Short answer: the darker aspects of yourself. Long answer: the identity we all have for ourselves whose thoughts and actions are unchecked, and ruled by the unconscious ego. Eckhardt Tolle refers to this as the “Pain Body”, Freud as “Id”, and known to the collective as the EGO. This isn't anything to be ashamed of, this duality is present in basically everyone! Nobody is perfect, we all react from a place of ego from time to time. Without the darkness, we cannot perceive and appreciate the light. What’s more, is the only way to release this darkness is by ACCEPTING AND LOVING IT! Are you happy? Love yourself. Depressed? Love yourself. Jealous? Love yourself. Angry? Love yourself. You must love and accept these emotions because that is the only way to overcome them. Nothing good comes out of resentment or hatred. Honoring your Shadow Self allows you to release it lovingly and without attachment. Making a conscious effort to choose LOVE over EGO is what’s important for us to raise our personal vibrations, and progress as a species.

When our ego is running the game, we react from a place of unconsciousness. We see ourselves as separate from the rest of the world, when in reality we share the same consciousness. This separation makes us to act without empathy, and thus cause ourselves and others pain and suffering.

The ego comes from identifying with our past and the stories we tell ourselves. When we are acting unconsciously and someone wrongs us, we take it as a personal offense and create a story about it. How often have you had a rough 10 minutes in the morning, and then you take that attitude and stretch it out to be a whole ass bad day? I literally did that all day yesterday, by taking my shitty morning and extrapolating my bad attitude to other situations throughout the day. It happens to EVERYONE!

When we construe our identity around things that happen to us, we see the world through a lens of prejudice and emotion. We are more likely to be triggered—take things personally, be offended, get defensive. If you trace this trigger back to a cause, it likely goes back to something that happened to you in the past. Being triggered often causes us to react in a way that supports this belief… it’s an endless cycle!

So for example, say you are in a relationship and your partner cheats. So in your next relationship, you are more guarded. You are hesitant to trust your new partner. You are more likely to be suspicious, you may even make unfair accusations due to this insecurity you now have. Your partner begins to resent you for your jealous nature and lack of trust... either this resentment builds until the end of your relationship, OR your partner cheats on you due to your mistrust, which only ingrains your insecurity deeper. If you look at this insecurity objectively, you can see it is based on a belief that you are not enough. You weren’t enough for your first partner, so they found someone else who was. Sometimes you can even trace this insecurity back even farther, often times to your childhood. Maybe your parents did something to you that made you believe that you are not enough, and now you live out this belief in a never ending loop of reoccurring situations based around the same idea…

Let me tell ya, loud and clear: that is NOT FRIGGIN’ TRUE YO! YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE! YOU ARE WORTHY OF HAPPINESS! YOU DESERVE TO BE WHO YOU ARE! When someone wrongs us, it’s not our fault. WHEN SOMEONE WRONGS US, IT’S NOT OUR FAULT! They are the ones who chose to do harm, or better yet, their EGO chose to do harm. It is not our fault they chose to act that way. We can make the CHOICE of how their actions affects us. We can choose to take it personally, or we can remember that we are totally badass, divine animals living on a rock in space with the gift of consciousness. We have the gift of CHOICE! We can control our reality by choosing our reactions. By choosing to believe are enough worthy, and divine.

Do not feel ashamed of the darker characteristics and behaviors you may exhibit. We all deal with a darkness within us to some extent, it’s part of being human. What matters is mustering the courage to face this entity, lovingly accept and honor that this darkness exists, identify which parts are toxic and harmful, and lovingly release all that is holding you back. When opportunities to do this type of healing arise, we must step up and make the choice to be vigilant! This is painful stuff! Shadow Work isn’t easy, but it is necessary. I could write a whole book on this…………..

I DIGRESS! The reason y’all may be feeling so down in the dumps lately, is because you have been bombarded with triggers and clues for the past year that are pointing to things that you need to heal before you progress forward! With the cosmic hand poking into your spiritual wounds, no wonder you feel drained. Upset. Angry. Exhausted. All of these aspects that need healing are being brought to the surface so that they may be absolved by the light. Many opportunities have arose this year to acknowledge these triggers, and to make a choice on how to handle each one--whether it be continue holding on to and identifying with the grievance, or to releasing it lovingly so that it may no longer hold power over you. And it is all coming to a climax this weekend.

Make the most of this energy by journaling, reflecting on your year, and taking inventory on the skeletons in your closet. Release what you can, and make a mental note of what you cannot release for the upcoming eclipse cycle, as this upcoming energy will most definitely be triggering the stickier, darker truths. But most importantly, don’t forget to CELEBRATE! Relax. Create. Express GRATITUDE for your process, the love you have for yourself, your loved ones, where you are in this world!

Thanks for reading y'all! I hope this guide helps you to make sense of these cosmic vibes and use them to their fullest extent! Crystals that will help with these transits.... ♡ Winter Solstice ~ Kyanite, Snow Quartz, any Obsidian but specifically Snowflake Obsidian, Bloodstone, Ruby

♡ Cancer Full Moon ~ Moonstone, Sodalite, Selenite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Ruby

♡Capricorn Season ~ Ruby, Garnet, Agate, Black Onyx, Emerald

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