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A Mashing of the Metaphysical and the Scientifical, Pt 1 – How Crystals Work

I am constantly getting odd comments and sideways looks about why I think my rocks are magic. And from an outsider’s perspective, I can see how it might be a little strange to see a grown woman carry around a 15 pound sack of rocks, sometimes arranging them in the grass under the full moon, sometimes passing them through sage smoke while chanting unintelligible syllables, sometimes dipping them into the river, ALWAYS carrying around at least one in her hands… I get how that could raise some eyebrows. Here is my attempt to explain!

Crystals undergo intense heat and pressure to transform into the beautiful gems we have today. Think about it. Each of these babies spends MILLIONS of years in the ground, and in the perfect conditions, the Earth spits out a beautiful, awe-inspiring chunk of mineral. This is a MIRACLE! And this miracle is here to teach us that, no matter how tough the conditions, no matter how intense the heat and pressure, we can trust that the Universe has a plan for us to come out on top, shining bright and radiating light! You know, Fa Zhou, Mulan’s dad, he said that “The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all”… this is sort of like that. When we overcome the toughest of circumstances, we shine bigger, brighter, and stronger than we did before.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Everything on this planet has its own vibrational energy, as we are all made of molecules and atoms that vibrate at different speeds. Crystals and stones have a higher vibration than just any old object, let’s say a pen, a glass of water, or a chair. I’m sure you remember science classes in school learning about solids, liquids, and gases, and how the movement of their molecules determines the state of matter. You may also remember the electromagnetic spectrum, which demonstrates the entire spectrum of vibrational waves, including the waves we can see as color! This all plays into the vibrational energy of crystals and stones. The chemical composition, molecular structure, and color of the stone or crystal will determine the specific vibration, and thus the metaphysical properties.

The composition of a crystal will tell you a lot about the metaphysical benefits. Crystals and stones are all composed of different minerals that interact with your energy in different ways. For example, a crystal or rock that contains a lot of iron will have an enhancing effect on one’s vitality, because iron is a stimulating and strengthening mineral. Stones with lithium are very calming and balance the emotions, so on and so forth. The difference between stones and crystals has to do with the molecular structure. Crystals have a highly ordered, repeating, crystalline structure. A rock or stone is a conglomerate of minerals all fused together in no particular order. Typically, this gives crystals a super high, heady vibration, while stones have a more grounding vibrations.

The Seven Chakras

The color also plays a part in how the metaphysical properties manifest—the color of the stones generally match the colors of the chakras! Each of the chakras rule specific functions of the body, mind, and soul. Multicolored stones effect multiple chakras. Here is a basic rundown: Red stones resonate in the root chakra, which controls grounding, safety, and vitality. Orange stones resonate in the sacral chakra, which governs creativity, sexuality, and emotions. Yellow stones work in the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of our life force, willpower, and sense of self. Green stones work in the heart chakra, our center of love and compassion, as well as acceptance of new situations and experiences. Blue stones works in the throat chakra, which governs how we communicate and express ourselves to the world. Indigo & violet crystals resonate in the third eye chakra, which rules our intuition and psychic abilities, visualization and imagination, and our ability to control our thoughts. Finally, white & clear crystals work in the crown chakra, which is the chakra that connects us to others, the world around us, and the Universe. Being familiar with the chakras will help you identify the metaphysical properties of a stone or crystal.

Programming an intention into your stone amplifies its powers tenfold. This gives your crystal a purpose, and every time you see or use it you will be reminded of your intention. A lot of times when I explain this to people, they say it’s just a placebo effect. But if it works then it works! You can set whatever intention you’d like into your stone or crystal. I typically use the metaphysical benefits as a guide. For example, you can program your Citrine to attract abundance, and then place it in your wallet or piggy bank. Your Rose Quartz can be programmed to foster independence and self-love, and placed under your mirror where you get ready in the mornings. Your Amethyst can be programmed to promote peace and spiritual vibrations, and placed in a room where the vibrations may be tense. The best crystal for programming random intentions into is Quartz, as it is known for its programmability and ability to amplify and manifest your intentions.

You can use crystals to enhance the energy of your physical space, or keep them on your person to lift your own vibration! Crystals, specifically Quartz, are used widely in technology like watches, computers, calculators, and phones because of their ability to transmit and move energy. This can most definitely be applied to the energy field surrounding our bodies, our auras, and our living spaces! By placing crystals intentionally on our bodies or in our homes, energy may be unblocked and moved, amplified, balanced, or transformed, all depending on the crystal. Arranging several crystals in a pattern is called gridding, and amplifies the energy of all stones to work together to raise the vibration. The applications are endless. As long as your intent is pure, and you have faith in the magic, anything is possible!

So, back to this little, or large, stone in your hands. A lot of times, when people say they feel the energy of a stone or crystal, it comes across as a warmth, a tingling feeling, or a specific sort of clarity, like in déjà vu. Whether you feel it or not, something brought this crystal to you for a reason. This crystal that spent millions of years in the making, cooking in the Earth, and somehow the circumstances were exactly perfect to make it the way it is, here, resting in your hands. This fact in itself can be used as a reminder to just be grateful for where you are, where you have been, and where you are going. A reminder to trust that any adversity you face will make you stronger and brighter. A reminder to have faith that you will end up where you need to be. This crystal was just a blob of minerals, and in the perfect circumstances, it was born a magical little piece of miracle. We can set this intention for ourselves too. Making an active effort to transform with love in our hearts, no matter the circumstances, is the best way we as individuals can change the world. By choosing love and being light, no matter the circumstances.

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