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Metamorphic Forest


Est. January 2015


is a mantra I created for living in compassion, grace, and alignment with our truest selves.

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Welcome to my Forest!









Love & Light
Bath Soak


Perfect for uplifting the winter blues ~ first it washes away the heaviness of the day, then it wraps you in a warm hug. When you're done, you feel refreshed & supported.


Before the birth of Metamorphic Forest, I had an intense vision of a mountainside jungle that emanated mystique & mystery, ripe with possibilities for exploration and self-discovery: Glistening, crystalline geographic features. Lush foliage pulsating with life, bearing an abundance of succulent fruits beaming every color. Streams and waterfalls swirling silver & cerulean, throwing flashes of shimmering, radiant light onto the surrounding cliff faces & rocky riversides. Breathing the cool, crisp air of this wonderland washes you with an intense feeling of Universal Oneness, Unconditional Love, and Sovereign Divinity... And while I’m still trying to make this exact scenario a reality, I present to you the *next* best thing within my capabilities: Metamorphic Forest. 

My mission with Metamorphic Forest is multi-faceted & complex, but at the root, I want to inspire self-actualization. Self-actualization is the process of realizing one’s fullest potential, and choosing to live as the best, most authentic version of yourself. As I pursue this myself, I hold compassionate space for you to do the same, as well as share the tools & tidbits of wisdom I pick up along the way. 

I aim to inspire self-alchemy via vulnerable, authentic self-expression. I aim to offer educational content & metaphysical tools that support transformation, healing, and growth. I aim to live as a catalyst for change, & as a reminder that we are all sovereign, capable, and deserving Divine beings.

I want you to interact with this platform, here and on Instagram at @metamorphicforest, as if it were the mystical forest first depicted in my mind’s eye—drink from the waters of wisdom, breathe the crisp, gracious air, and enjoy the fruits of my Love-and-Light-laced labor. 

I love you, and I thank you from the bottom of my Heart for being here with me today! Thanks for reading, enjoy your exploration, and safe travels along your journey ♡



My Mission

History + Offerings

Born January 6th, 2015, Metamorphic Forest began on Etsy as a newfound hobby of wire wrapping crystals. I have had an affinity for stones since childhood, as well as making potions with plants I found  surrounding my home-and in January of 2018, I added herbal and essential oil blends to my shop! Crafting Earth medicine, whether stone or plant based, brings me home to myself & connects me to the Divine ~ I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to share the fruits of my passion with you! 

In September 2018, I rooted deeper into my purpose and desire to connect with others--I moved off Etsy & started my own website, where I could host a blog to better speak my Truth & share tools that I had used in my personal evolution. 

The most valuable tools I have used on my journey are keeping a journal & astrology.  Keeping track of what's on my mind & what I am going through, as well as current astrological transits, allows me to identify subconscious patterns and unresolved conflicts in relation to the planets as they move through the sky. Knowing how to best make use of the cosmic energies at hand allows one to dive deeper into the depths of your subconscious, predict trends, and take action based on what themes are cosmically supported. While most blogs I write are for the collective on specific astrological transits, I do cover other topics, and I also offer individual readings on both the placements in your natal chart, and how the current transits are affecting your natal chart. I also offer tarot & oracle readings as an additional form of Divinatory guidance. These services are not yet offered on my site, but information can be provided upon request!

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